sprinkle style

Yes, the thought of what to wear at my upcoming baby shower (sprinkle) does keep me up at night. Or rather, thinking about it takes my mind off my stresses and let's me sleep. Either way, my article for this week over at Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine tells the style story!


our redneck christmas

As Ben Folds says, "You Can't Escape Your Redneck Past". This is how I feel this Christmas. Everywhere I turn I have kistchy reminders of this and it has made this holiday season pretty comical.

By the way, it is okay for me to call myself (and my husband) a redneck. We live in upstate NY near the Adirondacks, we are fully engrossed in it. He was raised gutting deer that his dad may or may not have hit with the family car, I chopped wood and shot a rifle in my youth on a regualar basis and my Step-dad was just proudly displaying his new "sled" (that is redneck for snowmobile) holiday light show for my girls in my parents garage the other night.

Deep down inside I would love to hull up in a cabin in the woods for the rest of my life but that cabin would still be one tricked out pad with fashionable furnishings and Martha Stewart touches. This is a constant struggle.

First of all, we have a Chia Christmas Tree. Husband is super proud of it because he and the girls made it and it is flourishing. I tried to put it in a classier container than its intended plastic dish and use it as the kitchen table centerpiece but he refuses and it sits on our bar counter in our kitchen. Complete with lit star on top. Oy vey.

Doesn't my display look better? I know. thanks. Too bad it was promptly moved back to the bar and plastic tray.

Next up, Husband brings home a box of DIY Bon-Bons. Um, excuse me but you bring your wife already made Bon Bons, especially when she is the worst "baker" ever and the balls are never going to come out looking like they do on the box. I made them because I knew that since they are peanut butter and chocolate that they would be delicious no matter what they look like, but they are a horrific site.

Top top off the redneck Christmas craziness, Husband has been scouring the DVR on TV for a certain Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer movie. He (and maybe Ruby) are the only ones in the house who dig holiday movies this much but he just HAD to have it. He couldn't find it on tv to record so he bought it at the grocery store. The giddyness that this brings him is hysterical. I think he is nesting or something along with me at 29 weeks pregnant. He is festive to the max and I have never seen him like this.

Well somebody has to be festive and I am lucky that I have a great family to enjoy the season with.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday season as I step away from the blog to wrap, cook, clean and maybe sleep before my crazy new year starts!


i heart this. so much.

I really rely on Etsy for great gifts on a moments notice. I also rely on it as a means to slow down for a quick second and look around and relax. I know, it sounds desperate, but anyone who knows me knows that I am desperate to relax. Just a few minutes of looking around refreshes me and then I can get back to work. Sometimes that means I have purchased something, but at Etsy it rarely breaks the bank.

My most recent find and favorite is this set of feedsack book ends by Next Door to Heaven. I need them. They are just so up my alley as far as the fabric, the black stencil, it is the epitome of me. I would (will) put them in my office to nestle my stack of "to read" books inside my black beadboard hutch desk and it will be perfection. I plan on purchasing them as soon as possible and I advise you to checkout her shop as well! She is shipping still for Christmas! Until 12/20. HINT HINT to husband who reads my blog.


the baby's chaperone

It is very exciting getting ready for baby. Although we have two kids already, some gear just did NOT make it through the years. One of the key pieces that they won't even let you take the baby home if you don't have installed in your car, is an infant car seat. Our previous one was made by another company and didn't work properly by the time our second daughter was even a month old. I couldn't believe it.

Wanting to switch to another brand, I started researching and spoke with the people at Britax. Britax is a household name for many reasons, and as a publicist and branding consultant I respect their company. They do what they do well and have been doing it for a long time. This is what makes Britax a household name. I didn't know however how sought after and coveted their infant system really is though until I started chatting with my local mommy friends. They are all "ooh and ahh" and "I wish I had bought the Britax Chaperone System!".

Our baby is not here yet, but give me about 12 weeks and I will be back with a more in-depth post about how we are doing with our Chaperone system. For now I am so excited to bring him home safe and sound in his new infant seat, and stroll the neighborhood with the coordinating stroller system. I chose Red Mill, but there are a few other color options to choose from!

I believe the companies do the best job pointing out the benefits of their products as they are most educated about them. I have listed each product below that we will be using and am more than confident will exceed my expectations.

Personally here are some of the features that I am looking forward to most of all:

Built in Lock-offs on the Infant Car Seat & Base. (The other brand had my kids seats rolling over during sharp turns!!)

Ergonomic Handle on the infant seat- boy did my forearm get all bruised up before!

Extra length/weight maximums for Infant Seat. My husband is 6ft 7. My kids are LONG. Having to take them out of their Infant Seat before they were ready age-wise was an uneasy decision to make and now I won't have to!

Speaking of husband's height. The adjustable stroller handle has us giddy. He is very tall, me? not so much. Something for everyone!

Cupholders and storage for my stuff up top! Love it!

The Britax Chaperone Stroller

3-Position Recline with adjustable calf rest offers customized sleeping positions for children
Adjustable Height Handle is comfortable and ergonomic for all care givers
All-Wheel Suspension provides for a smooth ride
Large Canopy with Visor blocks wind, rain and harmful UV rays from child's sensitive skin
Large Under-Seat Storage can be accessed even when seat is reclined
One-Foot, One-Motion Brake saves shoes and feet by pressing single pedal to lock and unlock both rear wheels
Practical Parent and Child Trays offer deep cup-holders and convenient storage compartment
Five-Point Harness makes contact with the strongest parts of the body

The Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat

Stroller Compatible Design works with Britax Chaperone strollers and other major stroller brands when used with Britax adapter strap (Notice: if you have a Britax Chaperone infant carrier manufactured on or before May 27, 2009, you may obtain an adapter strap free of charge; please call our Consumer Services department for more information 1-888-427-4829)
Built-in Lock-Off(s) secure the vehicle seat belt so that the child seat does not move more than one inch side-to-side or front-to-back at the belt path
Easy-to-Install Seat-to-Base Design self-guides carrier into proper locked position
Easy-to-Read Level Indicators (on base) provide quick reference for proper angle of recline
Energy-Absorbing Foam Liner (EPS) absorbs and distributes crash forces
Ergonomic Carry-Handle designed to contour to forearm to allow for more comfortable carrying of child in carrier
Extra-Large Canopy blocks wind, rain and harmful UV rays from baby’s sensitive skin
High Density Comfort Foam provides an extra layer of padding to gently cushion the child
Front Harness Adjuster provides effortless front adjustment when loosening the harness system
Premium, Push-Button Lower LATCH Connectors for a quick, simple, and tight installation
Plush, Premium Cover Set with matching belly pad provides extra comfort
No Re-thread Harness Adjustment allows you to adjust the harness height without having to re-thread the harness straps
Easy-to-Install Base with LATCH Connector Storage (Included)
30-pound Weight Capacity for safety and comfort through the first years
Five-Point Harness makes contact with the strongest parts of the body
Height Adjustment Knob (on base) for proper seat angle and positioning

{My Placenta Wears Prada received a sample for review in order to give you the scoop}


tackle. touchdown.

Some people like to watch football on Sundays. Me? Not so much. This past Sunday I tackled our stack of fresh new juicy holiday cards from Mango Ink. This is my second year (at least) ordering our holiday cards from their great shop. So far we have mailed at least 3/4 of our stack so I am feeling very accomplished.

I really believe in investing in nice holiday cards and sending out great photos of my family. This year we used photos from our shoot with Ashley Brown (a client of mine) and showcased them on a unique silver and yellow background (I am not a big red/green holiday person).

I love our cards and had a great time addressing them while Ruby (age 5) stuck the return address labels (complete with dropped red star- which I LOVE) on the back and stamps on the front! She did a great job.


wipe worthy

I like to feel polished and put together. When my diaper bag has a zip loc filled with wipes I feel less than. Sure there is nothing wrong with that style, if you want to call it "style", but what about a hard case that holds the wipes, keeps them tidy and moist, and is also stylish?

Made By Angie is a company that designs handmade wipes cases to perk up your poo change. It really works. When you are down and dirty on the floor wrestling that baby (or toddler who refuses to use the potty in my case) into a new diaper, a convenient and fashionable wipes case can bring a smile to your face.

For baby boy Iver due in March I chose the "Cole" pattern. The options are endless! What is your favorite?

{My Placenta Wears Prada received a sample for review in order to give you the scoop}

it is 4:46am

Here I am 4:46am. My first bought of pregnancy and stress induced insomnia. I am not a fan.

My loyal companion Boris the Cat is right here by my side in my office. He would much rather be cozy in bed, but hey- so would I. Tomorrow (wait, later on today) I have a huge work event and sleep is exactly what I need.

I just can't lay there in bed and mull over all of the work to do, bills to pay, things to prepare for baby boy's arrival. I thought that checking my email/twitter and blogging a bit may be more productive.

These last two posts have to do with sleep. I am seeing a trend here. I have never had a problem with sleep and can do it usually anywhere at any time as long as the "to-do" list in my head is clear. Unfortunately it is not today.

I think I will logon to my favorite shopping website to relax my head. I won't be buying, but I do love to window shop. Oh wait I yawned. Maybe I just needed to check in and now I can go back to sleep. Let's hope for the best. Luckily my work event is outdoors and sunglasses will be appropriate. We can call my style "Sleep Widow Chic".


i forget to nap

What is all of this talk about taking a nap during the day?

"Sleep when the baby sleeps", blah blah. If I have a little old lady who had her last child in 1955 tell me that one more time I am going to gag. It just doesn't happen. I can't nap. I don't have the luxury and if I am afforded a day with a lighter work load and a babysitter a nap is usually forgotten about. Especially if I am paying a babysitter. I have to work to afford to pay her- last time I checked nobody pays me to sleep.

Maybe back in 1955 when most moms didn't have to work a full time job in addition to taking care of the family and household, there was more napping going on. These days I have to keep chugging along and working hard through the day and if I stop to nap I feel 1. guilty, 2. sick with acid reflux, and 3. guilty.

There are too many people relying on me. Too many paying customers. Too many deadlines. I am 27 weeks pregnant and really "should" nap according to many sources, but I just can't/won't. I am yawning as I write this.

Maybe someday I will give myself a nap as a present. First I have to give myself the gift of permission.

Do you nap?


stick a fork in my mantle

it is done.

So happy with it this year and so glad I didn't fall off my barstool hanging the wreath. I just HAD to have it all perfect though.

Husband is all concerned about where Iver's stocking will hang next year since our stocking hanger is only 4 letters. I said we could double up his and mine and just not put anything in them so they don't crash to the ground. He was not into that. He loves a FULL stocking of his own on Christmas morning.

my belly, not yours- this week

Over at Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, this week I get down, dirty, and honest.

See what I have to say about why it seems that people can't keep their mouths shut around pregnant women.

read on


too cool for school

I LOVE paper. Some call me a paper whore. This is okay.

I also love to order stationery and see my customization right before my eyes. Imagine my orgasmic feelings when I was introduced to MyPlayDateCard. When I find a website that is so ingenious and a product that is so super cute the publicist, branding consultant, shopping addict and mom in me are all overcome by a feeling of pure delight!

MyPlayDateCard by Toodles Noodles is a spot where you can fully customize a delicious calling card for your busy mom lifestyle. No more jotting your digits down on the back of a bank statement that you recovered from the bottom of your questionably icky diaper tote, no more "sure I can remember your phone number" to the new awesome mom that you met at the playground. No worries. Just hand them your fashionable and delectable calling card that has your name, kids names, and phone # on it and hope and pray that they call you for that much needed playdate! (Martini's optional).

get yours and watch it being made to suit right before your eyes! As soon as I pop Iver out I am ordering up a stack. My current ones will no longer be up to date when he arrives!


crocband christmas

I have been eyeing these for the girls for Christmas. They love Crocs. I adore how the new "crocband" style has a preppy stripe.

So my strategy is to gift them for Christmas. Also, because Crocs wear so well and last forever I am purchasing the two sizes in gender neutral colors so that Iver can use them later on. Smart huh? I know.

So "lime" for my Elkë and Red for my Ruby! They will be very excited (I hope!)

Get 20% off the entire website TODAY for Cyber Monday. Auto at checkout.



heading north

Tomorrow morning we head up north to the in-laws for the rest of the week. We relax, eat, yell at all of the kids. It's great.

This is what it looks like there. Can't wait!


baby iver 25 week ultrasound

This morning I got to see our little guy on the ultrasound! He is basically doing the side stroke and his head is down already. He looks great and even yawned so that the sonographer could get a good look at his mouth and up his tiny nose!

We are right on track for size and measurements.

If you follow me on Twitter you can even see a scan!


carry me

I am a huge fan of wearing babies. They love it, I love it. So it all works out for everyone!

We purchased a BABYBJÖRN when Ruby was born (5+ years ago) and since then the company has grown leaps and bounds with so many different new products. Not to mention the color choices for their famous carrier, now even available in organic fabric!

When baby Iver arrives I can't wait to use our new Classic Baby Carrier Original by the brand famous for construction, durability and simple style. This time we will be using their new Organic Cotton version in a lovely shade of walnut which is right up my color palette alley!

The Classic Baby Carrier is appropriate for wearing baby from newborn up to 25lbs. It has a super ergonomic design and I always feel very supported using this type of baby carrier. When baby is a bit bigger they like to face forward which is another great feature.

We can't wait to report back on this product in March when he is here and we take him out and about to see the world in style, comfort and safety! Plus, baby carrying is a good core/ab workout for mama post delivery!

{My Placenta Wears Prada received a sample for review in order to give you the scoop}


oh, she's crafty.

Betcha didn't know I liked to make stuff. Well I do. I also enjoy packaging it and sending it out to little people all around the globe!

Back in 2006 I started a line of modern toddler goods: Luna Lou. Inspired by Ruby and her obsession with the moon, Luna Lou soared to great heights, was in PARENTS magazine, and featured on many blogs. She had scrumptious blankets (sorry we aren't making those any longer) Scuffy Slippers, and Toddler Sized Thank You Notes.

Some of these are available in our Etsy shop, and more will be coming soon. Mama loves to make things and has decided to purchase a sewing machine. So Look Out! Mama will also be making great things for her little girls and boy on the way. Oh and mending husband's shirts/pants.


punky kids

My girls are both feeling punky with a virus that luckily is not the dreaded flu. Of course while everyone else is getting the flu, we have to get Coxsackie Virus.

Despite blisters on their hands, feet and in their mouths (I know, seriously) they are in good spirits. That is their nature, very easy going, always on the go, always looking at the bright side.

Recently I took some shots of them for my friend Ben Karis-Nix who owns a line of t-shirts for men, women and kids called Run We Must. Run We Must is a great song that was written by Ben with my husband on drums. Like my kids with their great spirit, Run We Must is a whimsical point of view which could only be invented and conveyed by someone like Ben.

Check out his line (kid's tees are 15% off!)& the song by Sugar Cookie Music (My Dan). Indie tees, indie rock.



dr chill says, "chill"

This week over at Pregnancy & Newborn where I have a blog all about my 40 week journey, I have brought up a delicate topic. Sex.

Pelvic Rest. Could you do it?


baby iver needs this.

I think that I will get this for our boy iver landon. He will need a cocoon for his first photos. What baby doesn't?

Of course this darling hand-knit set is by an Etsy designer. The shop is called FairyShred and this looks like a great keepsake item. Maybe someday he will use it for his son or daughter.

Having had two summer babies I am searching Etsy during any spare time that I have looking for perfect little knit and cozy items. He is due in early March and we live in upstate NY. Brr!!!


crafty mama i am not.

For me it all comes down to time. However I do my best. I wish I could be more of a mom like my friend Ruby at MyCakies. Her Halloween and her everyday life with her girls looks like a lot of fun and she puts so much time and effort into every moment being a memory.

I do my best with what I have and try to make Saturday's "family fun" day. I am sure many of you WAHM's or WOTHM's (Work Outside the Home Mom)can relate to my struggle.

This Halloween I did my best to be festive and make treats for my family. Ruby still wanted to wear her costume, but Elkë (having worn it two times already this past week) was over hers. That is fine. She ended up just running around in tights and a tee like she was Jennifer Biels in Flashdance. She is a maniac. It was perfect.

Hopefully I created nice memories for them, even on a time crunch. If that means cupcakes with boxed mix and frosting from a container, so be it.

Some cupcakes with the help of a certain doughboy


bucket of candy. you are calling my name.

It's Halloween!

Today I will decide by eating 30 of each at least- once and for all which is better. Twix or KitKat.

I will let you know.

What is your favorite Halloween treat? For the first time during a pregnancy I am not in morning sickness phase so bring on the candy!!! At 22 weeks I can handle it all and then some. With Ruby I had just realized I was pregnant and about 8 weeks when Halloween rolled around. I was still nauseous at Thanksgiving and Christmas so that was a bummer too. Elkë I was sick Christmas through Easter!

I promise to try and balance out the candy weight gain with some healthy choices. Like candy covered apples.

photo: Country Living


is your doctor like dr. chill?

This week over at my Pregnancy & Newborn Mag Blog I discuss advocating for your own health care. Is the first person who will touch your brand new baby the one you really want "down there"?

Something to think about!


the cuteness

I just love how they grasped each other's hands for the photo, naturally. I didn't even have to ask!

Here is my Ruby (5) and my Elkë (2). They have six occasions this Halloween to wear their costumes so as soon as they put them on for the first time I snapped a quick photo. Within hours the costumes were covered in sunflower butter, green "slime" juice and pizza grease from Party #1 of the week. But that's okay!


mama's night out

Over at my Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine Blog you can read all about my recent night in 3 and 1/2 inch heels. At 20 weeks pregnant I don't highly recommend it, but I do just LOVE these shoes. Royal purple "grape" satin. Delish.

The wedding was lovely, however my Deluxe Satin dress by Ripe Maternity was an unfortunate fit. I am annoyed that to some designers (and expensive ones at that) "maternity" means "big all over". Please somebody give me a wad of cash or a job at a maternity clothing company so I can design lovely maternity evening wear that we really want. We want support (especially up top), we want elegance, and we don't want a stupid tie in the back. We don't live on the prairie, we are just with child. thankyouverymuch.


due date buddy

It is always fun to become friends with people (or have friends) who are pregnant at the same time as you. But I have an exact due date buddy! I have never met her in person, but maybe some day I will. Some of my best friends are women, mostly moms who I have met online through my work and Casi is no different.

Casi Densmore-Koon runs CupcakeMag a very fashionable blog. She and I are both due with our third babies on March 7, 2010.

She is having her third girl, while I decided to switch it up and have a boy after two girls! We tweet and email often about how we are doing and it is so much fun.

Let's see who "goes" first! We are 21 weeks 1 day today!


ok so mama bought some jeans

Yesterday between inconvenient life happenings such as bringing the mama mobile to the body shop (after cracking it up two weeks ago) and seeing Dr. Chill, I had 45 minutes to do something for myself. I was near the only mall in the area with a brand new Destination Maternity shop and I made a beeline. I didn't even stop to pee or eat. I had a mission. Find some jeans that were a good length, fit my thighs and booty which when pregnant grow at a rapid rate, and get out!

Destination Maternity is the family of Motherhood Maternity and A Pea in the Pod. Motherhood is known for being budget friendly and having a huge selection of casual to formal wear and A Pea in the Pod is more upscale.

As you may recall I recently wrote an article for Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine pretty much swearing off jeans. I am still loving and rocking my leggings and tunics almost daily but living in upstate NY where it has suddenly become quite chilly, jeans are still a necessary wardrobe staple. I am not sure if it is because I am having a boy this time, but the ass is getting large people, and I feel very uncomfortable squeezing into my pre-preg jeans. Nobody should have to feel uncomfortable. Not when you have great maternity clothing options.

I tried on at least 15 pairs of jeans yesterday and finally found a pair that I can truly boast about. They are by Motherhood and are fashionable as well as functional. Motherhood Maternity has a new (well since my last baby) patented secret belly band fit. It is like a big hug for your growing belly, and they cut the jeans properly so that they fit in all of the right places as well. Now with all things from Destination Maternity I do warn about drying, so hang or flat dry your jeans, tunics, etc. However if you need jeans that fit you and your budget, try these ones. The 5 Pocket Fit and Flare. Retail $54.98.

To me if you look really fast, they sort of resemble True Religion jeans in the way that the button back pockets are designed. I like this, I like detail. I especially like it because True Religion (Maternity styles available in the A Pea in the Pod section by TR) is a lovely jean. However I do not live on Chardonnay and yogurt, so I will never fit into them.

I am happy with my purchase and I strongly suggest you stop sucking in your baby belly and suffering with too tight in the thigh, butt, crotch maternity jeans and get some stylish, stretch ones too!


pee pee pants

Let's be perfectly honest here moms- the further along in your pregnancy that you get the more um pee tries to sneak out when you don't want it to.

I didn't pee my pants or anything but at 20 weeks I now have the familiar discomfort (let's just call it pain) and not so fond memory of baby vs. bladder.

Today at Dr. Chill's office, his lovely nurse whom I adore for her wit and charm and straight-forward-ness shrugged her shoulders and said "it sucks". My pee tested fine in the cup, and I don't have pain when I go, I just literally get shooting pains while walking as if my bladder is being poked. Then a little bit of pee comes out.

For now I will work on my kegels (Google it) and wear protective undergarment items. Luckily we don't need Depends but I still have 18-20 weeks to go. Gosh that sounds like a long time. So don't make me laugh to hard and if I suddenly get up and run to the bathroom, don't worry. I will be back.


little man

This week over at Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine you can read all about my Little Man and my excitement over oxford shirts!


well that's a boy if i ever saw one

The imaging center just sent me a disc of my ultrasound photos from monday. 19 weeks, measuring 20w2d.

That's my boy!!!

1/2 way (for me anyway)

Currently over at my Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine blog I recall how I have never carried a baby past 39 weeks. If your first was early was your second? third? fourth?

tell me!

this is my 18 week belly shot. Like my shoes? Me too.


six years ago today

I married my husband.

Tonight I celebrate my love for him with a meal pretty much (at least 90%) by Aldi. I love Aldi and I refused to buy something fancy or go out tonight when we have food here to make and are trying to use our money wisely!

A Chicken Cordon Bleu for him, a Kiev for me, some Caesar salad (my current pregnancy crack) and some wild rice. Oh yeah! The rice and his beer are not from Aldi. Neither is my gourmet lemon I will spritz atop my salad.

Living on love- fine by me! Plus the more money I don't spend on silly things like dinner which doesn't last long, the more I can send on fab shoes, bags, and maternity clothes!


make room for baby

My article this week over at Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine is up.

Take a look and see why the photo below of my mom and her sisters in 1957 reminds me that everything is going to be fine.


kick. kick. kick. roll.

The baby is kicking and rolling a lot today! 17+ weeks and I am getting HUGE!

I never wonder anymore why I decided I needed another baby. I mean just look at these photos and you will see.


styling the belly

This time around I have a new approach to fashion. There are a few reasons for this. Read about them over at Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine in my column "Straight from the Belly".


dr. chill says, well "chill".

Today I had my 16+ week check up with Dr. Chill.

Last week as you may recall I had my ultrasound and the sonographer still found a few pockets of blood that need to work themselves out. They don't affect the baby so they are not worried. They are still not worried, but say that since they are still working themselves out that I need to chillax.

So I have to cancel my gym membership (that I never use anyway so score an extra $69 in my pocket each month), and I am still on pelvic rest. TMI? I know, but hey, I am giving it to you anyway. And by pelvic rest I mean I am not giving it to my husband. He is not thrilled, but supportive of my health of course. Maybe he can use the time and frustration to finish the basement? That would be nice.

The baby (most likely boy) is a bit of a sneaky little fricker who does NOT like to have his heartbeat listened to. My placenta is anterior so it is sort of a cushion between my front and the baby. This makes kicks and movement more muffled, and the heartbeat hard to find. Not to mention the fact that the whole time Dr. Chill was trying to get the heartbeat today on the Doppler, the baby kept swimming back and forth. I imagine he will be quite active and sneaky on the outside too. Just like his big sister. The heartbeat was finally nailed down at 143.

Headed back 10/12 (Our six year wedding anniversary!) for my 20 week ultrasound, and in 4 weeks for another check up.


buying for baby

Now that things in the uterus have settled down a bit and as of this moment "he" is thriving, I can breathe deeply and consider a few purchases to prepare. Of course I don't need EVERYTHING as we do have two children already, however if what the sonographer says is true, we DO need EVERYTHING. We have never had a boy before!!

One product I swear by and declare a "must-have" is the Patemm Pad. I have known owner Grace Welch for 4 years now and just love her business, envy her success, and appreciate that she is constantly growing her line and doing what she has to do to be successful in a competitive industry, all the while staying true to her principles of how she wants to run Patemm.

I was lucky enough to receive her newest product, the Laminated Cotton Patemm Pad. It is the same size and has the same useful components as the rest of the collection, but the fresh new fabrics and waterproof aspect is making mommies like me, drool. This Patemm Pad collection is also PVC, LEAD, PHTHALATE, LATEX, BPA, AND FORMALDEHYDE-FREE!! Patemm Pads fold up nicely from their patented round shape into a neat and portable pouch. You can even slip a few diapers and a slim wipes case in the pockets and be ready for anything! Later on, baby can use this as a play mat, and later later on, an art pad for drawing on in the car. Simply lay it over toddler or school aged legs in the car seat, and fill the side pockets with crayons and papers!

I chose New York City Momma, because let's face it. "He" can have his blue, and his cowboy boots, and his mini John Deer tractor over at the grandparents house, but when it comes to diaper bags and accessories, they are mine. My taste, and my choice. No bears, no trains, no way, no how.


this week's blog post at P&N mag

Click here to read this week's blog post over at Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine and my column "Straight from the Belly"



hmm wasn't expecting this

Yesterday was my much anticipated ultrasound at 15+ weeks to see how my placenta lobe was looking and see why I am still bleeding. Thank you to all of my supportive friends, family and clients who twittered and facebooked with me all day about how things went!

I am happy to report that things are looking better, thank goodness! However there are still some little areas that show clots that need to either absorb or will pass on their own. I speak with the doctor next week about this and the results. Then I will find out about my long term plans for my modified bed rest.

One thing I NEVER expected to see was a PENIS.

We will know more about the suspicious boy part in three weeks when I go back for more bio-physical profiling of the baby and "his" measurements etc. The sonographer who I have now seen at Dr. Chill's office for six years warned me that it is "early" and she "can't say for sure" however she kept trying to find the penis and took the above screen capture of it. She did have to say at the end that she was very sure it was a boy. As a mom of two boys herself I think she was also excited for us. Me? I have two girls. Two sisters, and know nothing about boys. But Dan is one of five boys so I think we can figure it out together!

So far "he" looks great and big and moves around all of the time and is growing up a storm! This means my placenta is doing its job! The placenta is anterior though so I don't feel as much kicking yet as some women may. It is between my belly muscles and the baby as opposed to off to the side or under or on top.

OMG we might have a boy. Can't wait let him grow his hair long and watch him play drums and skateboard with Daddy and to give him a kick ass name.


gender bender

So I bought myself the intelliGender as a little "pick me up".

Thoughts? Reviews?


week 14 of pregnancy

Welcome to your second trimester- let's bleed shall we?

Ugh. That is NOT in the What to Expect books.

Yes, bleeding at 11.5 weeks, 12 weeks, and then again at 13 weeks, 4 days (so last Wednesday and it's Tuesday now and it's still here). Not pleased. No cramping though and so "they" say "take it easy". Of course I am trying this.

Sorry if you don't want to hear about my blood, perhaps you shouldn't read this blog. The bleeding is a major player in my pregnancy I guess. This bout of it is "old" as they call it. So that is supposed to make me feel better.

On Monday I will be 15weeks 1 day and we will have an ultrasound to see how the baby is doing and how things look in the baby condo. I am hopeful but some days I honestly wish we just hadn't gone for #3. I am allowed to think this. I am having a terrible time and will wallow if I want. I feel bad for the baby who may not be getting enough of what he/she needs because it's possible that the placenta and other cushioning factors are severely compromised. While it's too early to tell "they" keep telling me that I could lose the baby at any time. Or the baby could be just fine. I just can't imagine how.

top 10 things that blow about bed rest

So I have been in and out of bed enough in the last three weeks to come up with a list of reasons why bed rest (modified or not) is practically impossible when you have a 5 year old and 2 year old.

1. Waiting at the bus stop with your kindergartner and a 2 year old who is running amok and playing in the neighbor's mulch, and who also wants to run out into the street causing you to chase her, sucks. Sure she could be strapped into a stroller and foaming at the mouth, (maybe we will try that tomorrow).

2. The constant up and down the stairs is unavoidable. Should have bought a sprawling ranch.

3. I pee a lot

4. The kids need to be fed, changed, fed, changed, do you see a pattern? Ok the five year old can "change" herself, but she takes for ever and it is easier to just stand over her while she does it.

5. I get hungry and thirsty and sometimes am alone and need to get my own food/drink.

6. The 2 year old, starting tomorrow will need to be driven to and picked up from school three times per week. I am her mother, I will do this.

7. The other day the 2 year old flew across the hall and hit her face in a door jam. This hurt. I immediately scooped her up even though that is not allowed due to bed rest. However, I am her mother. The feeling of carrying her was so unfamiliar as I haven't really done that in weeks that I didn't want to let her go.

8. The two year old is a dare devil and climber and often needs to be rescued.

9. My closet is a disaster and needs to be sorted, then all of the crap needs to get out of here. Who the heck is going to do that? My strategy of throwing it out the master bedroom window to avoid carrying it down the stairs, still means I would have to carry it around the house to the car.

10. Getting all of the "stuff" ready for the girls to bring to school is insane. Lots of hunting and gathering and list making and store visits. Who else is going to do this?


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My Unconventional Baby Warmer

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long awaited convo with OBGYN recap

So yesterday I had my much anticipated appointment with my OBGYN. I will refer to him (to protect his confidentiality) on this blog as "Dr. Chill". He delivered both of my daughters and has remained cool, calm and collective through the last six years. When he needs to be super thorough and overprotective he is and that is what I like about him. He is Dr. Chill.

Since Dr. Chill was on vacation while all of my bleeding was going on I had a few of the residents at the hospital and some OB's who were covering for him attending to me while he was away. He stayed in touch but there was only so much he could do from his undisclosed location. I was eager to hear his take on my Accessory Placental Lobe.

I got to the office right on time and noticed that he wasn't anywhere to be found. Usually you seem him walking around as he is in practice by himself. His wife runs the show and she is a nurse practitioner which ROCKS because if you have a problem she can help you and you don't need to wait. About a half hour into the wait, they told me and about ten other uncomfortable pregnant women that he was across the parking lot at the hospital delivering a baby. He would be back in 45 minutes. I decided to wait since my cramping and spotting and lower back pain was rearing its ugly head and my mom had my girls for the day and night, so I sat there and twittered and followed up on dozens of emails for work.

He came back eventually and saw the look on my face when the nurse gave me a cloth to cover up my legs with the option of having an internal exam. I have had enough of those in the last week so he took pity on me. Once again, Dr. Chill. He knows that I know if I really needed one I would have laid back and taken a deep breath. But I didn't feel it was necessary. After all, every doctor has told me so far in the last two weeks that if I am going to dilate and lose this baby there is nothing they can or will do to stop it.

He concurs that I need to continue my modified bed rest and my full pelvic rest. Husband is being supportive of this. What choice does he have? But I tell you, full pelvic rest for the last two weeks has sparked some VERY interesting dreams during my REM sleep. Naughty ones. Oh well! Dreaming is safe for the baby I suppose. He said to keep my ultrasound appointment on September 14th and we will know then how the placenta is dealing with its accessory. We can go from there to decide if I need more serious bed rest, or to be seen weekly, or to have more ultrasounds than normal, yada yada.

I have made the educated decision that perhaps I need to eat more sticky things to make my placenta stay put. Sticky Buns, cream cheese on toasted sesame bagel, whatever works.

decisions, decisions

I am supposed to be taking it easy right? So when my mother offered to take the girls (2 & 5) off of my hands for however long I need, I said "sure!". That was yesterday. So this morning I slept in a little bit, dreamt about my pasta client and how we should offer pasta making classes this fall at the restaurant. I also had other extremely interesting dreams that only a person on "pelvic rest" would have.

Ahem, anyway. When I padded downstairs this morning to have my regulated one or two cups of coffee and my packaged coffee cake, I wanted to relax and watch the Today show like a normal stay-at-home mom (I can pretend). I also have a lot of work on my plate so the work-at-home mom side of me had to make the executive decision to bring my laptop to the sofa as I can't find the remote control for my office television.

Here I sit, feet up in "bed rest" position, laptop on my lap, conquering the world. Only able to do this because the lovable chids are at "nana's" house. Another night probably won't hurt. For God's sake, she took them to an amusement park yesterday. They may never want to come home.


what is an accessory placenta lobe?

succenturiate lobed placenta - A succenturiate (accessory) lobe is a second or third placental lobe that is much smaller than the largest lobe. Unlike bipartite lobes, the smaller succenturiate lobe often has areas of infarction or atrophy. The risk factors associated are advanced maternal age, primigravida, proteinuria in the first trimester of pregnancy, and major malformations in the fetus. The membranes between the lobes in such placenta can be torn during delivery, and the extra lobe can be retained after rest of the placenta has been delivered, with consequent postpartum bleeding.


why oh why?

Here are my issues of the day while trying to "take it easy".

1. Blogger- you continue to raise my blood pressure when you insist on not letting me fix the GIANT DATE at the top of my posts. It shouldn't be that big. there is no reason for it. Aesthetically I know it looks crappy, but trust me I will probably stay up all night trying to fix it. (thanks to aunt kitty for fixing this when I could no longer see straight)

2. Dear, next door neighbor recluse weird older man- your $1500 (or more) Airedale dog "Chloe" was running through my yard. I love dogs so the dog in yard is not the problem, it was the dog vs. car that I didn't want to witness. So when a pregnant woman who is on modified bed rest is ringing your door bell and shouting "Recluse Old Neighbor Man please come help me with your dog" and knocking on your door- please get your almost retired ass off of your sofa and answer your door. I braved the giant dog's big bark because I know she is all bark and opened their door and let her right into the house. To which he sprang to life and sort of said "thanks". Me? Now I am cramping and trying to retain my placenta and it's accessory lobe.

3. When you are supposed to spend a lot of time in bed it is quite rude when your cat barfs on your side.

out of the loop, sorry

I have been away from my desk and working via blackberry pretty much for about a week. My new national pregnancy column/blog at Pregnancy & Newborn Mag tells the story why.

Please become a regular reader and boost my spirits about my unexpected pregnancy complications! More news to come in a few days after I speak with more doctors.


exciting news for those who like my writing style

I have very exciting news! I have been chosen as Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine's new pregnant blogger. So you can tune in every week starting next Thursday to see what I have going on, Straight from the Belly (title of new blog, unless editor changes it).

Being a huge fan of the magazine and having worked with them since their conception a few years ago now, I am oh so excited and honored that they think that I am a good enough writer to grace their mom-blog section of their website!

Stay tuned, I will link from here to my blog/column as soon as it is up. If you are not already a subscriber to their print magazine I strongly suggest that you do so. Whether you are pregnant or a new mom already, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine is the only magazine that covers maternity fashion, and pregnancy related issues, as well as what infants need through the first year of baby's life!