it is 4:46am

Here I am 4:46am. My first bought of pregnancy and stress induced insomnia. I am not a fan.

My loyal companion Boris the Cat is right here by my side in my office. He would much rather be cozy in bed, but hey- so would I. Tomorrow (wait, later on today) I have a huge work event and sleep is exactly what I need.

I just can't lay there in bed and mull over all of the work to do, bills to pay, things to prepare for baby boy's arrival. I thought that checking my email/twitter and blogging a bit may be more productive.

These last two posts have to do with sleep. I am seeing a trend here. I have never had a problem with sleep and can do it usually anywhere at any time as long as the "to-do" list in my head is clear. Unfortunately it is not today.

I think I will logon to my favorite shopping website to relax my head. I won't be buying, but I do love to window shop. Oh wait I yawned. Maybe I just needed to check in and now I can go back to sleep. Let's hope for the best. Luckily my work event is outdoors and sunglasses will be appropriate. We can call my style "Sleep Widow Chic".

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