beautiful boy

It never really occurred to me that I could be the mother of a son. I am one of three girls. My mom is one of four. Her mom one of 2. We don't know what to do with a boy and having had two girls before Iver came, I just assumed we would have another.

I have to say, he is super cool. We call him "our little kink". Our Ukrainian battle axe nurse in postpartum called him a little King and with her accent "kink" is what came out. It is endearing, we promise and we love him so much. The girls want to squeeze him, so we need to be careful!

At six days old we were honored to have Ashley Brown photograph our little kink with his big sisters. The end result was of course amazing so please allow me to share and gloat and by all means- turn on your speakers and click on this link for the entire collection of photos. Warning: you may need a tissue.


oops, I was busy

Baby Iver Landon is here! (36 weeks 5 days ges)
February 12, 2010
6lbs 6oz
20 inches long
Big sisters Ruby + Elkë

He made the news the day he was born by being Albany, NY’s first Twitter Baby!
WNYT NBC Television

Post Star Newspaper :: Birth In 140 Characters or Less

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pump pump pump it up

I am really looking forward to this baby. One of the parts of having a newborn that I am looking forward to the most is nursing. I would really like to do it all of the way this time around. Give it my best!

I may need some help, I realize this. So I am ready to go with some products from Medela. A well known and trusted brand when it comes to nursing!

Since I can't try the Freestyle Pump until the baby actually comes and I start to produce milk, all I can say for now is this hands-free pump looks like it will be efficient and very helpful in my endeavors!

Also looking forward to wearing their Bamboo Nursing Camisole! I have it packed and ready to go as part of my coming home outfit from the hospital.

{Medela provided MPWP with these items so that I could give you the scoop!}


sprinkle for lizzie + iver : recap

As you may remember I had very a specific style in mind for my baby shower. It was however my first one and I am however a control freak. I had a lovely hostess who teamed up with my mom and sister to put on my "sprinkle" but I couldn't help doing some decorating and getting involved. My third child is due any minute so at 34 weeks my friends and family gathered to celebrate him (first boy) at my "sprinkle". I had a great time and was so honored to be in the company of amazing women who I love and adore.

The theme if you want to call it that was "vintage toy" and I displayed some from my own collection. I had chosen the invites on Etsy with my hostess and she graciously found a local cake maker to bake us a red velvet cake with a buttercream top to match! The party favors were pocket mirrors also available and handmade on Etsy and I made marshmallow treat pops to act as centerpieces but also to send home with guests for themselves (and their kiddos) to enjoy! Color wise, the theme was red and blue and I carried that through by wearing the items from my Sprinkle Style collage. I wore my red patent clogs to stay comfortable and chic and of course coordinating.

My thank you notes (found at Target and LOVED them because they remind me of Par Avion stamps) are all out in the mail and I made return address labels on my own with coordinating fonts that I had used throughout the shower! My husband is responsible for the party favor gift tags which I printed myself. However he wrote the copy "Who's That Pretty Lady?" because he is witty and also because I was struggling with something catchy to say (for once) and I left my label design up on my laptop while I was taking trip 500 of the day to the loo. When I came back he had updated it with the cute saying which was perfect as the favor was a mirror.

Thanks SR for taking the photos! While I was busy stuffing my chubby cheeks, and opening many lovely goodies. Thanks again mom and zoë for putting together the eats, and I LOVE you Olivia for being the best hostess and putting up with my bossiness. Cannot wait till you are knocked up and I can return the favor! xo


model perfect

The girls may be doing some modeling. No, not Toddlers and Tiaras or whatever that wack ass show is. No worries. Just for a nice little girl's dress company.

Why wouldn't they?- they are adorable and lovely, tall Scandinavian beauties!




and she got a bug. or something.

So sorry for my lapse in posting! I came down with some sort of gastro issue last Wednesday night and was out of commission until Sunday! For the probably 6 hours I was actually sick, I needed 3 days to recover. Crazy.

I can't believe that little episode didn't put me into labor! I am still here, still with child! 35+ weeks on the books and baby is kicking and rolling and should be out soon! Everyday I feel like "this is it!". But then, the next day I wake up pregnant.

This week I hope to blog about my amazing Baby Sprinkle (shower), and some great goodies for baby and mom-to-be that I have been finding out about!

Stay tuned!!!