our redneck christmas

As Ben Folds says, "You Can't Escape Your Redneck Past". This is how I feel this Christmas. Everywhere I turn I have kistchy reminders of this and it has made this holiday season pretty comical.

By the way, it is okay for me to call myself (and my husband) a redneck. We live in upstate NY near the Adirondacks, we are fully engrossed in it. He was raised gutting deer that his dad may or may not have hit with the family car, I chopped wood and shot a rifle in my youth on a regualar basis and my Step-dad was just proudly displaying his new "sled" (that is redneck for snowmobile) holiday light show for my girls in my parents garage the other night.

Deep down inside I would love to hull up in a cabin in the woods for the rest of my life but that cabin would still be one tricked out pad with fashionable furnishings and Martha Stewart touches. This is a constant struggle.

First of all, we have a Chia Christmas Tree. Husband is super proud of it because he and the girls made it and it is flourishing. I tried to put it in a classier container than its intended plastic dish and use it as the kitchen table centerpiece but he refuses and it sits on our bar counter in our kitchen. Complete with lit star on top. Oy vey.

Doesn't my display look better? I know. thanks. Too bad it was promptly moved back to the bar and plastic tray.

Next up, Husband brings home a box of DIY Bon-Bons. Um, excuse me but you bring your wife already made Bon Bons, especially when she is the worst "baker" ever and the balls are never going to come out looking like they do on the box. I made them because I knew that since they are peanut butter and chocolate that they would be delicious no matter what they look like, but they are a horrific site.

Top top off the redneck Christmas craziness, Husband has been scouring the DVR on TV for a certain Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer movie. He (and maybe Ruby) are the only ones in the house who dig holiday movies this much but he just HAD to have it. He couldn't find it on tv to record so he bought it at the grocery store. The giddyness that this brings him is hysterical. I think he is nesting or something along with me at 29 weeks pregnant. He is festive to the max and I have never seen him like this.

Well somebody has to be festive and I am lucky that I have a great family to enjoy the season with.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday season as I step away from the blog to wrap, cook, clean and maybe sleep before my crazy new year starts!

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