the book

It's true. I am writing it. My Placenta Wears Prada - THE BOOK

Excited? Me too! Here's a snippet......

Somebody is peeing and it is not me. Ugh, boys. I don’t mind being woken up this way though when it could have turned out a lot differently. I will take warm baby pee shooting up the back of his pajamas under my arm and on to our clean crisp sheets any day of the week if it means my son is here.

Looking into his big charcoal six month old eyes, I think about last year. Oddly on this very day one year ago, and how out of nowhere at eleven weeks pregnant I started gushing blood. Bright.Red.Blood.

The first thing I did was call the doctor. He said to put my feet up. Then I called my mother and she told me to have a glass of wine. I love her. When I started cramping we went to the hospital. I said to myself “I am having a miscarriage”. I was actually relieved. This is how I knew something was very very wrong.


fast and easy

I really really really dreaded the thought of pumping when I was pregnant and planning to breastfeed Iver. I hadn't had any luck pumping 6 and 3 years ago when my daughters were born and ended up giving up on nursing all together.

With the help of Medela and my son who is a good nurser, we have tried very hard and I am confident now when I need to leave him with his "nana" for a work event. The Medela Freestyle Breast Pump is almost exciting to me in the silly way that I like to see how fast I can pump out 4 or 5 oz! It's fun to time myself and the high quality however gentle engineering makes it easy and simple. The Freestyle is a hands-free breast pump. They have the modern mom in mind at Medela!

A good breast pump is a must-have tool for every nursing mother. Whether you work and need to make sure that your baby has enough milk while you are away from him, or you are a stay-at-home mom with the smarts to allow Daddy, a sibling, or a caregiver to give you a much deserved break! Sure it is an investment but a great one. The Freestyle comes with a nice black bag to store your pump and accessories which makes storage and transport private and secure. I like to use the Medela steam bags to insure cleanliness, and I also find their blue cooler and carrier to be invaluable as I have more and more work events lately that keep my on the go. The rechargeable lithium battery as well as the ability to plug in if the battery should fail mid-pump is an added advantage!

check it out at medela

Also check out the nursing camisole. I have been enjoying wearing this since the day after Iver was born. It's great for sleeping in so that I can nurse him with ease and still stay warm and covered below the waist!

{these products were provided to me for testing by medela}


don't leave home with out it

There are 2 things that I don't leave home with out these days. 1. baby Iver, 2. His Soother Clip by Bugalug Baby. Really.

In the car he often loses his pacifier and it can be quite disturbing to all of us! I can easily reach back and find it attached to him which brings us great relief. For a long time now Bugalug Baby has been a go-to for this busy mama! From their fabulous barrettes to their new cinch belts! They were kind enough to send us the pacifier clip for Iver and I was so happy to see such fresh and modern designs!

Check them all out at Bugalug


beezus and ramona

I was a HUGE reader when I was younger. I would lock myself away and read for an entire day. Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume, VC Andrews, you name it. I would house a 500 page book in 2 and a half hours (which would frustrate my mom or dad who had just bought it for me!). I would read my favorite books over and over again and sometimes I would even write books (big surprise).

Some of these books from my childhood room are now waiting on Ruby's shelves for when she is able to crack open a youth reader and spend the day engrossed as I used to. She is almost there- I can't believe how well she is doing with her reading at just 5 and a half years old. I am so grateful to her teacher for that! I am looking forward to Ruby enjoying literature and was reminded of these special times recently when her little sister Elkë took this book that I received as a gift from my aunt Lucy (an illustrator and author) off of Ruby's shelf and started carrying it around. She must have thought the front cover art was funny as it is particularly poignant these days. Ruby and Elkë ARE Beezus and Ramona!

What has changed since I was a little avid reader is the price of a good paperback!



a few of my favorite things

Moss decorative balls in a pinched pot made by my husband's cousin which I received at my bridal shower. along side my vintage Dr. Doolittle book set which sits atop our mantle!

The mantle updated for late spring/summer with the girls' silhouttes, vintage books, and touches of white and glass.

Little bird sitting under a cloche next to my Elkë's silhouette on a stack of vintage books. Swiss Family Robinson and Rabbit GO-Lucky.


sucking it in

So I am almost 3 months postpartum and although skinny jeans has never really been a concern of mine, it would be nice to fit back into my "regular clothes". For the most part I can but when I can't I pull on my "compression" garment by Wink Belly Bands and it really helps.

I can't say that I wear this everyday so I don't know about it's alleged "shrinking" capabilities. However it does help smooth things down under a dress. They were kind enough to send me the thigh length shorts to try which can have sort of a self esteem crushing sausage like affect at the bottom, therefore I don't wear them under pants, but if you don't have that problem I say Go For It! If skinny jeans and belly shrinking is your goal I would go for the high waisted underwear instead.

If you have tried this product let me know! Curious to see if I should suck it up and wear them everyday. Skinny Jeans here I come! Or not.



this is why i love my husband

he did all of the laundry before leaving for a work trip. then he piled up my nursing pads and left them where I could see them. LOVE THAT MAN!


the "kink" at 10 weeks old

my very own "kewpie" doll. always wanted one!


double time

It is no secret that I was not enjoying the pumping aspect of being a breastfeeding mother. I find it time consuming, chilly, and bovine-like.

Enter my new double hands free (super soft) pumping bustier from SimpleWishes! They sent me one to try and I enjoy it very much! I no longer find pumping to be tedious and love how I can hook up and get work done while pumping out a bottle or two for Iver in case I need to leave him and go to a work event. Or just in case (GASP!) Daddy can take a turn feeding him while I take a breather!

You simply place each breast shield flange inside the secure openings in the front of the bra. This is after you have adjusted the bra using their ingenious
"perfect fit" Velcro back panel. I wish all bras had this! I pull my shirt down over it all once I am hooked up and pumping and go about my business! Unfortunately for the neighborhood my "business" is done from my office with huge front windows. One of these days I am bound to get an odd look from the mail carrier. But who cares! I am a multi-tasking mama!

Visit Simple Wishes
Watch the how-to video

Use code: lovesprada at checkout for 20% off!


big hand, little feet

I am a sucker for baby feet. I took a photo of Elkë and Ruby's feet together when Elkë was just a couple months old next to Ruby's "big girl" 3 year old feet. I plan to do this again with Elkë and Iver but today I found an opportunity to photograph Ruby's 5 and a half year old hand with Iver's feet nested inside!

Iver will be 2 months old next Monday the 12th!



something to grab onto

Iver is ALL about pulling at my necklace. I love this, but notice that sometimes he gets upset when he grabs the thin chain which probably doesn't feel too good on his tiny hand.

Enter Teething Beads by Sonny & Reed! Ok, I realize Iver at almost 8 weeks isn't teething yet, but when he is (which I am sure will happen overnight), I will be ready! For now I am wearing a stylish, and safely beaded necklace for him to grab onto! He loves it, I get compliments, and I am confident that when he does start teething that this necklace will bring us even closer together.

My Placenta Wears Prada readers take 10% off PLUS FREE SHIPPING with code "PlacentaWearsPrada"

**We received a necklace for testing (and it's awesome!)


designed by mama

I had a few ideas on a birth announcement for iver. Truthfully I tried to get out of it all together since I thought we dodged the bullet by live tweeting his arrival and landing in papers and on tv nationwide! However his father really wanted him to have one since his big sisters did, and so he shall have one!

I designed it myself and really enjoy this type of work. It relaxes me and I love to be creative. I am going to start doing announcements and other sorts of design work on a more regular basis. So if you like what you see and you need a photo card, let me know! My goal is to create modern family cards. However they will not be on photo paper, but printed on matte card stock or linen paper. I am not a huge fan of photo paper and find that matte is more timeless and classic.


necklace complete

I have been wearing tj+co "mommy jewelry" for years. I proudly displayed my girls "ruby" and "elkë" on my neck and am now excited to have completed the strand with "iver". Lovely sterling silver discs with 14K gold trim. Elegant, understated, me.

In a sweatshirt, or out on the town I love my tj+co name discs and every time they lightly jingle I smile.

TJ Kelley of tj+co is a hardworking mama of twin girls. She has excellent customer service and packaging and should be remembered when giving hints this year about what you would like for mother's day (or when picking out your own gift!).

Also checkout her new initial discs which are just as fab!


here i am

buried under laundry, catalogs and surviving on caffeinated beverages. I really miss reading magazines and catalogs. It is truly one of life's simple pleasures. One would think that I could squeeze it in, certainly during nursing Iver but alas, no. When nursing him I often find him now gazing up at me. But it takes me a minute to see his magical little face because I have been busy multi-tasking and working from my iPhone. So pathetic.

Confessions of a Workaholic Mom anyone?


how i am getting by

So I am doing pretty well considering iver came early, i have no maternity leave and have two other crazy kids on my hands. I am getting by with a lot of help from family and friends and some great products.

I thought I would let you know what is making my life easier these days, in case you are wondering and care. I always appreciate a good tip so hopefully you will too.

My "taters" and I are enjoying supportive bras and camisoles from Bravado. I am also enjoying Momzelle nursing tops. I am a fan of the all black selections so that the nursing flap is more incognito. Plus black is slimming.

I can't get through the day without Supergoop's Pocketstick SPF 30 chapstick. Something about nursing makes me super parched. I am drinking lots of water and shellacking my lips up with Supergoop.

My daily diaper bag is a giant tote by Le Sport Sac. I find these to be so great to just toss in the washing machine, and since I still cart around diapers for the toddler plus all of the newborn stuff, I prefer to have one big bag. I am thinking of treating myself to a new style for the spring... still undecided on which one.

To keep the older kids busy when we are out, I make sure that I have TravelKiddy's on hand. They do the trick and if the girls get bored at all, I just switch their activity kits and voila! No more whining. Awesome!

Iver is loving to wear cozy bamboo coveralls and tees by Kicky Pants. We get ours at What Every Baby Needs which is local and online! Cannot wait for the new stock to arrive so we can stock up!

I wish my pre-pregnancy jeans fit. However other than that we are plugging along through the days, and sleeping pretty well through the nights. Stay tuned for a post about how I will deal with my first business meeting since I am exclusively breastfeeding! I promise it will be scintillating!


beautiful boy

It never really occurred to me that I could be the mother of a son. I am one of three girls. My mom is one of four. Her mom one of 2. We don't know what to do with a boy and having had two girls before Iver came, I just assumed we would have another.

I have to say, he is super cool. We call him "our little kink". Our Ukrainian battle axe nurse in postpartum called him a little King and with her accent "kink" is what came out. It is endearing, we promise and we love him so much. The girls want to squeeze him, so we need to be careful!

At six days old we were honored to have Ashley Brown photograph our little kink with his big sisters. The end result was of course amazing so please allow me to share and gloat and by all means- turn on your speakers and click on this link for the entire collection of photos. Warning: you may need a tissue.


oops, I was busy

Baby Iver Landon is here! (36 weeks 5 days ges)
February 12, 2010
6lbs 6oz
20 inches long
Big sisters Ruby + Elkë

He made the news the day he was born by being Albany, NY’s first Twitter Baby!
WNYT NBC Television

Post Star Newspaper :: Birth In 140 Characters or Less

Follow Lizzie’s Tweets from February 11th and 12th for the #Twitterbirth story @LizzieSorensen


pump pump pump it up

I am really looking forward to this baby. One of the parts of having a newborn that I am looking forward to the most is nursing. I would really like to do it all of the way this time around. Give it my best!

I may need some help, I realize this. So I am ready to go with some products from Medela. A well known and trusted brand when it comes to nursing!

Since I can't try the Freestyle Pump until the baby actually comes and I start to produce milk, all I can say for now is this hands-free pump looks like it will be efficient and very helpful in my endeavors!

Also looking forward to wearing their Bamboo Nursing Camisole! I have it packed and ready to go as part of my coming home outfit from the hospital.

{Medela provided MPWP with these items so that I could give you the scoop!}


sprinkle for lizzie + iver : recap

As you may remember I had very a specific style in mind for my baby shower. It was however my first one and I am however a control freak. I had a lovely hostess who teamed up with my mom and sister to put on my "sprinkle" but I couldn't help doing some decorating and getting involved. My third child is due any minute so at 34 weeks my friends and family gathered to celebrate him (first boy) at my "sprinkle". I had a great time and was so honored to be in the company of amazing women who I love and adore.

The theme if you want to call it that was "vintage toy" and I displayed some from my own collection. I had chosen the invites on Etsy with my hostess and she graciously found a local cake maker to bake us a red velvet cake with a buttercream top to match! The party favors were pocket mirrors also available and handmade on Etsy and I made marshmallow treat pops to act as centerpieces but also to send home with guests for themselves (and their kiddos) to enjoy! Color wise, the theme was red and blue and I carried that through by wearing the items from my Sprinkle Style collage. I wore my red patent clogs to stay comfortable and chic and of course coordinating.

My thank you notes (found at Target and LOVED them because they remind me of Par Avion stamps) are all out in the mail and I made return address labels on my own with coordinating fonts that I had used throughout the shower! My husband is responsible for the party favor gift tags which I printed myself. However he wrote the copy "Who's That Pretty Lady?" because he is witty and also because I was struggling with something catchy to say (for once) and I left my label design up on my laptop while I was taking trip 500 of the day to the loo. When I came back he had updated it with the cute saying which was perfect as the favor was a mirror.

Thanks SR for taking the photos! While I was busy stuffing my chubby cheeks, and opening many lovely goodies. Thanks again mom and zoë for putting together the eats, and I LOVE you Olivia for being the best hostess and putting up with my bossiness. Cannot wait till you are knocked up and I can return the favor! xo


model perfect

The girls may be doing some modeling. No, not Toddlers and Tiaras or whatever that wack ass show is. No worries. Just for a nice little girl's dress company.

Why wouldn't they?- they are adorable and lovely, tall Scandinavian beauties!




and she got a bug. or something.

So sorry for my lapse in posting! I came down with some sort of gastro issue last Wednesday night and was out of commission until Sunday! For the probably 6 hours I was actually sick, I needed 3 days to recover. Crazy.

I can't believe that little episode didn't put me into labor! I am still here, still with child! 35+ weeks on the books and baby is kicking and rolling and should be out soon! Everyday I feel like "this is it!". But then, the next day I wake up pregnant.

This week I hope to blog about my amazing Baby Sprinkle (shower), and some great goodies for baby and mom-to-be that I have been finding out about!

Stay tuned!!!


34 week bio-physical profile update. baby is beefy.

I want a big beefy baby because I anticipate with our lifestyle and the 2 crazy kids I already have, that baby iver will be carted around like a rag doll and he needs to not be a fragile little chicken wing of a baby.

Today at our 34 week ultrasound we were happy to see chubby cheeks, big lips, and a lot of curly hair floating around his head. He is about 5lbs 8oz already!

big. beefy. baby.


Ruby's First Art Installation

It was bound to happen. On all sides of her family Ruby has VERY creative and talented artists. I checked in on her the other night after she fell asleep and found this on her wall. No, the RUBY in Wikki Stix is usually not there. To be honest, I was so shocked and proud of her creativity I wouldn't have been upset if she had done it with a Sharpe Marker.

Custom Toy Portrait of gigi by Jennifer Maher


bathing my stinky boy

I am really looking forward to meeting this baby! Any week now!

I am also looking forward to baby bubble time. A simple bath can really calm a baby and re-focus any sour moods. For mama too.

I have found with a very small baby that washing in the sink is easiest. I get myself all set up with towel, diaper, wash cloth, and soaps/shampoo and keep everything in arms reach so I can be comfortable as well as the baby. Leaning over a large tub to a small baby is uneasy and too much water is wasted.

The puj tub is a product that I am very excited to use for baby Iver's first (and future) baths. This new innovative bath seat lies flat and can hang on the back of the bathroom door for convenience, and easily folds together for use in a standard bathroom sink! Genius! The founder of pujbaby is so super smart that she has short instructional videos for all products.

Another product I am looking forward to pampering my smelly boy with is the BabySilk Spaaah Baby set. I can see this being a delight for the senses for both of us! MD Moms is the brain behind the BabySilk collection and Spaaah Baby is a gift set designed to offer clean and moisturizing products for delicate skin. I expect my little Danish boy to have delicate skin like his big sisters and can't wait to introduce him to the importance of pampering right from the start!


i don't have gestational diabetes! yay!

Dr. Chill says my glucose test came back fine. Yay! Not that I was worried, I never had it with the last two pregnancies. It is just one of those things that can really put a wrench in things.

Actually, I seem to always have low blood sugar, unless I am pregnant. In my daily non-pregnant life I feel low and shaky a few times a day and like I need to eat or drink as a pick me up. This has led to weight gain. However when pregnant I seem to be on an even keel. I should discuss THAT with Dr. Chill when the baby is born. I could sure use figuring that one out and not gaining any more weight because of snacking on sugary items to keep me from passing out.


very very tired. oh and pretty pregnant too.

So I am 32 weeks. I am still pretty on top of things work and mental-wise and my memory and to-do list crossing off is good and sharp for the time being, but I am DOG tired. I forget that I am pregnant and then realize why I am tired and then feel sad and guilty that I can't really just sit down and rest. The baby deserves better than this, but he is kicking away constantly so the chances of me getting any rest are slim. Hopefully he will take it down a notch on the outside!

I am grateful that my job isn't as a waitress or a teacher or a job that keeps me on my feet all day. But I still feel like I can't just take a break and lay down. I have so much to do and small children to chase after. I think of my third tri-mester when I was pregnant with Ruby. Seems like a lifetime ago. I do recall more lounging or at least working from couch on laptop. Definitely a lifetime ago.


steamed milk:: you are my newest obsession

At 32 Weeks pregnant my newest obsession is adding steamed milk to my coffee. I suppose this is sort of like a latte but I use regular coffee instead of espresso. Oh that and I am no barista so I have no idea what I am talking about. All I know is I figure that if I have a cup or two of half steamed non-fat milk and half coffee I am cutting back on caffeine.

When we moved into our house the woman moving out was a woman scorned. "He was the coffee drinker" she spitted at us during our final walk-through. As if coffee equaled the devil. Then she pointed at her Krups espresso machine on the counter, clearly barely used and said it was ours if we wanted it. Sure! I thought to myself -"I will take whatever gifts with purchase you want to give me you psycho lady."

I bought espresso but haven't had the courage to experiment on my own. I leave that up to the real baristas. For now I steam milk. It makes me feel fancy.


delivery essentials : what to bring part 2

This week on my Pregnancy + Newborn Magazine Blog I talk about Part Deux of packing your hospital bag. What YOU need for labor/delivery. Stay tuned for next week when I round out the article with what you need for baby and homecoming!


sweet dreams

I am all about lounge wear. Yes, this is a luxury when working from home but also a necessity when in your last months of pregnancy, or first months of recovering from delivery. If you want to nurse you also need to consider accessibility. Fashion. Accessibility.Necessity. These can all come together if you choose carefully and make good investments.

My latest choices for lounge wear have been rather high end but excellent investments in fit, quality, and coverage. I want to know that what ever I am choosing to wear is acceptable and appropriate for being around my children and the occasional Fed Ex guy who rings the door bell (another part of being a WAHM).

Recently I tried a "Sleep Dress" from Miravos. An exquisite line of nursing apparel made with Bamboo. The sizing is right, and I have been wearing their sleep dress even at almost 8 months pregnant. The coverage and length is great and I plan on wearing it as often as I can before and after baby. I will bring it with me to the hospital, wear it with pants to lounge in, and feel chic and comfortable the entire time! Miravos is not only loungewear, they have lovely tops and dresses and I imagine we will see a lot more from them in 2010.

Miravos was founded by Maud Maron. A mom and believer in eco-friendly nursing wear.

Miravos is manufactured in New York City, USA from sustainable bamboo. Bamboo grows without pesticides and has a natural anti-bacterial agent called "bamboo kun" which remains in the fabric even after fifty washes! Bamboo is a perfect fabric for both nursing moms and babies since it offers exceptional breathability and coolness, as well as excellent moisture absorption and ventilation. And of course, it feels wonderful!

{disclaimer:: Miravos sent me a sleep dress to try so that I could give you the deets first hand}


pre-term labor signs?


Drove to OB's office. Got checked (insert uncomfortable face) and he says cervix is not changed. Thick.Closed.Long. Yay!

He says he can feel baby's head but it hasn't dropped. It is still floating. Apparently I have an Olympic swimmer in there and he is just practicing his flip-turns. I guess the next thing I embroider on the blank hats that I have been stitching will be a little fish!

earlier in the day.......

Ugh I feel like this baby wants to come out now. But he needs to stay in! At 31 weeks I have several signs of pre-term labor. Heading to doctor later today to make sure my cervix isn't changing with these "signs".

What are my signs? Having gone through labor twice before (both times early but not this early) I concur that a check is in order.

-contractions sometimes every 2-3 minutes lasting 45 seconds each with need to breathe it out
-lower back pain radiating to front
-frequent trips to the bathroom of both genres
-lots of baby movement but a feeling that he has dropped into pelvis more
-just feeling "not right"

Wish me luck! I would hate to go on drugs to stop the frequent contractions but it may be necessary.

Checkout more pre-term labor signs at

March of Dimes
Keem 'Em Cookin


preparing for d-day part one

My 30 week article at Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine has been posted and it is all about what I am currently thinking of in terms of this baby and the fact that he will be here in ten weeks or less. What to bring to the hospital!

Thank goodness I have been there, done that, so I know what to bring and what I can go ahead and leave at home. As a two-part article, I am discussing Straight From the Belly exactly what I think any expecting mom truly needs, and reminding readers to ask friends who have "been there" for advice if this is your first time.

Next week stay tuned for Part deux of the blog about specific items to bring and what you may want to do concerning any gifts you receive while in the hospital. Bet you didn't think about that one right? Well try being wheeled out of the hospital to your car with a baby, a bag, possibly older siblings, a husband, a sore tummy and twenty billion balloons and crap stuffed bears that you feel like you have to bring home, not to mention flowers in water. (Okaaaay....I can tell I am not getting any gifts this time around in the hospital...oops).