the book

It's true. I am writing it. My Placenta Wears Prada - THE BOOK

Excited? Me too! Here's a snippet......

Somebody is peeing and it is not me. Ugh, boys. I don’t mind being woken up this way though when it could have turned out a lot differently. I will take warm baby pee shooting up the back of his pajamas under my arm and on to our clean crisp sheets any day of the week if it means my son is here.

Looking into his big charcoal six month old eyes, I think about last year. Oddly on this very day one year ago, and how out of nowhere at eleven weeks pregnant I started gushing blood. Bright.Red.Blood.

The first thing I did was call the doctor. He said to put my feet up. Then I called my mother and she told me to have a glass of wine. I love her. When I started cramping we went to the hospital. I said to myself “I am having a miscarriage”. I was actually relieved. This is how I knew something was very very wrong.

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