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I really really really dreaded the thought of pumping when I was pregnant and planning to breastfeed Iver. I hadn't had any luck pumping 6 and 3 years ago when my daughters were born and ended up giving up on nursing all together.

With the help of Medela and my son who is a good nurser, we have tried very hard and I am confident now when I need to leave him with his "nana" for a work event. The Medela Freestyle Breast Pump is almost exciting to me in the silly way that I like to see how fast I can pump out 4 or 5 oz! It's fun to time myself and the high quality however gentle engineering makes it easy and simple. The Freestyle is a hands-free breast pump. They have the modern mom in mind at Medela!

A good breast pump is a must-have tool for every nursing mother. Whether you work and need to make sure that your baby has enough milk while you are away from him, or you are a stay-at-home mom with the smarts to allow Daddy, a sibling, or a caregiver to give you a much deserved break! Sure it is an investment but a great one. The Freestyle comes with a nice black bag to store your pump and accessories which makes storage and transport private and secure. I like to use the Medela steam bags to insure cleanliness, and I also find their blue cooler and carrier to be invaluable as I have more and more work events lately that keep my on the go. The rechargeable lithium battery as well as the ability to plug in if the battery should fail mid-pump is an added advantage!

check it out at medela

Also check out the nursing camisole. I have been enjoying wearing this since the day after Iver was born. It's great for sleeping in so that I can nurse him with ease and still stay warm and covered below the waist!

{these products were provided to me for testing by medela}

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