sprinkle style

Yes, the thought of what to wear at my upcoming baby shower (sprinkle) does keep me up at night. Or rather, thinking about it takes my mind off my stresses and let's me sleep. Either way, my article for this week over at Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine tells the style story!


our redneck christmas

As Ben Folds says, "You Can't Escape Your Redneck Past". This is how I feel this Christmas. Everywhere I turn I have kistchy reminders of this and it has made this holiday season pretty comical.

By the way, it is okay for me to call myself (and my husband) a redneck. We live in upstate NY near the Adirondacks, we are fully engrossed in it. He was raised gutting deer that his dad may or may not have hit with the family car, I chopped wood and shot a rifle in my youth on a regualar basis and my Step-dad was just proudly displaying his new "sled" (that is redneck for snowmobile) holiday light show for my girls in my parents garage the other night.

Deep down inside I would love to hull up in a cabin in the woods for the rest of my life but that cabin would still be one tricked out pad with fashionable furnishings and Martha Stewart touches. This is a constant struggle.

First of all, we have a Chia Christmas Tree. Husband is super proud of it because he and the girls made it and it is flourishing. I tried to put it in a classier container than its intended plastic dish and use it as the kitchen table centerpiece but he refuses and it sits on our bar counter in our kitchen. Complete with lit star on top. Oy vey.

Doesn't my display look better? I know. thanks. Too bad it was promptly moved back to the bar and plastic tray.

Next up, Husband brings home a box of DIY Bon-Bons. Um, excuse me but you bring your wife already made Bon Bons, especially when she is the worst "baker" ever and the balls are never going to come out looking like they do on the box. I made them because I knew that since they are peanut butter and chocolate that they would be delicious no matter what they look like, but they are a horrific site.

Top top off the redneck Christmas craziness, Husband has been scouring the DVR on TV for a certain Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer movie. He (and maybe Ruby) are the only ones in the house who dig holiday movies this much but he just HAD to have it. He couldn't find it on tv to record so he bought it at the grocery store. The giddyness that this brings him is hysterical. I think he is nesting or something along with me at 29 weeks pregnant. He is festive to the max and I have never seen him like this.

Well somebody has to be festive and I am lucky that I have a great family to enjoy the season with.

Wishing you a Happy Holiday season as I step away from the blog to wrap, cook, clean and maybe sleep before my crazy new year starts!


i heart this. so much.

I really rely on Etsy for great gifts on a moments notice. I also rely on it as a means to slow down for a quick second and look around and relax. I know, it sounds desperate, but anyone who knows me knows that I am desperate to relax. Just a few minutes of looking around refreshes me and then I can get back to work. Sometimes that means I have purchased something, but at Etsy it rarely breaks the bank.

My most recent find and favorite is this set of feedsack book ends by Next Door to Heaven. I need them. They are just so up my alley as far as the fabric, the black stencil, it is the epitome of me. I would (will) put them in my office to nestle my stack of "to read" books inside my black beadboard hutch desk and it will be perfection. I plan on purchasing them as soon as possible and I advise you to checkout her shop as well! She is shipping still for Christmas! Until 12/20. HINT HINT to husband who reads my blog.


the baby's chaperone

It is very exciting getting ready for baby. Although we have two kids already, some gear just did NOT make it through the years. One of the key pieces that they won't even let you take the baby home if you don't have installed in your car, is an infant car seat. Our previous one was made by another company and didn't work properly by the time our second daughter was even a month old. I couldn't believe it.

Wanting to switch to another brand, I started researching and spoke with the people at Britax. Britax is a household name for many reasons, and as a publicist and branding consultant I respect their company. They do what they do well and have been doing it for a long time. This is what makes Britax a household name. I didn't know however how sought after and coveted their infant system really is though until I started chatting with my local mommy friends. They are all "ooh and ahh" and "I wish I had bought the Britax Chaperone System!".

Our baby is not here yet, but give me about 12 weeks and I will be back with a more in-depth post about how we are doing with our Chaperone system. For now I am so excited to bring him home safe and sound in his new infant seat, and stroll the neighborhood with the coordinating stroller system. I chose Red Mill, but there are a few other color options to choose from!

I believe the companies do the best job pointing out the benefits of their products as they are most educated about them. I have listed each product below that we will be using and am more than confident will exceed my expectations.

Personally here are some of the features that I am looking forward to most of all:

Built in Lock-offs on the Infant Car Seat & Base. (The other brand had my kids seats rolling over during sharp turns!!)

Ergonomic Handle on the infant seat- boy did my forearm get all bruised up before!

Extra length/weight maximums for Infant Seat. My husband is 6ft 7. My kids are LONG. Having to take them out of their Infant Seat before they were ready age-wise was an uneasy decision to make and now I won't have to!

Speaking of husband's height. The adjustable stroller handle has us giddy. He is very tall, me? not so much. Something for everyone!

Cupholders and storage for my stuff up top! Love it!

The Britax Chaperone Stroller

3-Position Recline with adjustable calf rest offers customized sleeping positions for children
Adjustable Height Handle is comfortable and ergonomic for all care givers
All-Wheel Suspension provides for a smooth ride
Large Canopy with Visor blocks wind, rain and harmful UV rays from child's sensitive skin
Large Under-Seat Storage can be accessed even when seat is reclined
One-Foot, One-Motion Brake saves shoes and feet by pressing single pedal to lock and unlock both rear wheels
Practical Parent and Child Trays offer deep cup-holders and convenient storage compartment
Five-Point Harness makes contact with the strongest parts of the body

The Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat

Stroller Compatible Design works with Britax Chaperone strollers and other major stroller brands when used with Britax adapter strap (Notice: if you have a Britax Chaperone infant carrier manufactured on or before May 27, 2009, you may obtain an adapter strap free of charge; please call our Consumer Services department for more information 1-888-427-4829)
Built-in Lock-Off(s) secure the vehicle seat belt so that the child seat does not move more than one inch side-to-side or front-to-back at the belt path
Easy-to-Install Seat-to-Base Design self-guides carrier into proper locked position
Easy-to-Read Level Indicators (on base) provide quick reference for proper angle of recline
Energy-Absorbing Foam Liner (EPS) absorbs and distributes crash forces
Ergonomic Carry-Handle designed to contour to forearm to allow for more comfortable carrying of child in carrier
Extra-Large Canopy blocks wind, rain and harmful UV rays from baby’s sensitive skin
High Density Comfort Foam provides an extra layer of padding to gently cushion the child
Front Harness Adjuster provides effortless front adjustment when loosening the harness system
Premium, Push-Button Lower LATCH Connectors for a quick, simple, and tight installation
Plush, Premium Cover Set with matching belly pad provides extra comfort
No Re-thread Harness Adjustment allows you to adjust the harness height without having to re-thread the harness straps
Easy-to-Install Base with LATCH Connector Storage (Included)
30-pound Weight Capacity for safety and comfort through the first years
Five-Point Harness makes contact with the strongest parts of the body
Height Adjustment Knob (on base) for proper seat angle and positioning

{My Placenta Wears Prada received a sample for review in order to give you the scoop}


tackle. touchdown.

Some people like to watch football on Sundays. Me? Not so much. This past Sunday I tackled our stack of fresh new juicy holiday cards from Mango Ink. This is my second year (at least) ordering our holiday cards from their great shop. So far we have mailed at least 3/4 of our stack so I am feeling very accomplished.

I really believe in investing in nice holiday cards and sending out great photos of my family. This year we used photos from our shoot with Ashley Brown (a client of mine) and showcased them on a unique silver and yellow background (I am not a big red/green holiday person).

I love our cards and had a great time addressing them while Ruby (age 5) stuck the return address labels (complete with dropped red star- which I LOVE) on the back and stamps on the front! She did a great job.


wipe worthy

I like to feel polished and put together. When my diaper bag has a zip loc filled with wipes I feel less than. Sure there is nothing wrong with that style, if you want to call it "style", but what about a hard case that holds the wipes, keeps them tidy and moist, and is also stylish?

Made By Angie is a company that designs handmade wipes cases to perk up your poo change. It really works. When you are down and dirty on the floor wrestling that baby (or toddler who refuses to use the potty in my case) into a new diaper, a convenient and fashionable wipes case can bring a smile to your face.

For baby boy Iver due in March I chose the "Cole" pattern. The options are endless! What is your favorite?

{My Placenta Wears Prada received a sample for review in order to give you the scoop}

it is 4:46am

Here I am 4:46am. My first bought of pregnancy and stress induced insomnia. I am not a fan.

My loyal companion Boris the Cat is right here by my side in my office. He would much rather be cozy in bed, but hey- so would I. Tomorrow (wait, later on today) I have a huge work event and sleep is exactly what I need.

I just can't lay there in bed and mull over all of the work to do, bills to pay, things to prepare for baby boy's arrival. I thought that checking my email/twitter and blogging a bit may be more productive.

These last two posts have to do with sleep. I am seeing a trend here. I have never had a problem with sleep and can do it usually anywhere at any time as long as the "to-do" list in my head is clear. Unfortunately it is not today.

I think I will logon to my favorite shopping website to relax my head. I won't be buying, but I do love to window shop. Oh wait I yawned. Maybe I just needed to check in and now I can go back to sleep. Let's hope for the best. Luckily my work event is outdoors and sunglasses will be appropriate. We can call my style "Sleep Widow Chic".


i forget to nap

What is all of this talk about taking a nap during the day?

"Sleep when the baby sleeps", blah blah. If I have a little old lady who had her last child in 1955 tell me that one more time I am going to gag. It just doesn't happen. I can't nap. I don't have the luxury and if I am afforded a day with a lighter work load and a babysitter a nap is usually forgotten about. Especially if I am paying a babysitter. I have to work to afford to pay her- last time I checked nobody pays me to sleep.

Maybe back in 1955 when most moms didn't have to work a full time job in addition to taking care of the family and household, there was more napping going on. These days I have to keep chugging along and working hard through the day and if I stop to nap I feel 1. guilty, 2. sick with acid reflux, and 3. guilty.

There are too many people relying on me. Too many paying customers. Too many deadlines. I am 27 weeks pregnant and really "should" nap according to many sources, but I just can't/won't. I am yawning as I write this.

Maybe someday I will give myself a nap as a present. First I have to give myself the gift of permission.

Do you nap?


stick a fork in my mantle

it is done.

So happy with it this year and so glad I didn't fall off my barstool hanging the wreath. I just HAD to have it all perfect though.

Husband is all concerned about where Iver's stocking will hang next year since our stocking hanger is only 4 letters. I said we could double up his and mine and just not put anything in them so they don't crash to the ground. He was not into that. He loves a FULL stocking of his own on Christmas morning.

my belly, not yours- this week

Over at Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, this week I get down, dirty, and honest.

See what I have to say about why it seems that people can't keep their mouths shut around pregnant women.

read on


too cool for school

I LOVE paper. Some call me a paper whore. This is okay.

I also love to order stationery and see my customization right before my eyes. Imagine my orgasmic feelings when I was introduced to MyPlayDateCard. When I find a website that is so ingenious and a product that is so super cute the publicist, branding consultant, shopping addict and mom in me are all overcome by a feeling of pure delight!

MyPlayDateCard by Toodles Noodles is a spot where you can fully customize a delicious calling card for your busy mom lifestyle. No more jotting your digits down on the back of a bank statement that you recovered from the bottom of your questionably icky diaper tote, no more "sure I can remember your phone number" to the new awesome mom that you met at the playground. No worries. Just hand them your fashionable and delectable calling card that has your name, kids names, and phone # on it and hope and pray that they call you for that much needed playdate! (Martini's optional).

get yours and watch it being made to suit right before your eyes! As soon as I pop Iver out I am ordering up a stack. My current ones will no longer be up to date when he arrives!