too cool for school

I LOVE paper. Some call me a paper whore. This is okay.

I also love to order stationery and see my customization right before my eyes. Imagine my orgasmic feelings when I was introduced to MyPlayDateCard. When I find a website that is so ingenious and a product that is so super cute the publicist, branding consultant, shopping addict and mom in me are all overcome by a feeling of pure delight!

MyPlayDateCard by Toodles Noodles is a spot where you can fully customize a delicious calling card for your busy mom lifestyle. No more jotting your digits down on the back of a bank statement that you recovered from the bottom of your questionably icky diaper tote, no more "sure I can remember your phone number" to the new awesome mom that you met at the playground. No worries. Just hand them your fashionable and delectable calling card that has your name, kids names, and phone # on it and hope and pray that they call you for that much needed playdate! (Martini's optional).

get yours and watch it being made to suit right before your eyes! As soon as I pop Iver out I am ordering up a stack. My current ones will no longer be up to date when he arrives!


  1. I love Toodles Noodles!! They do great cards!

  2. Fun cards, great ideas.