designed by mama

I had a few ideas on a birth announcement for iver. Truthfully I tried to get out of it all together since I thought we dodged the bullet by live tweeting his arrival and landing in papers and on tv nationwide! However his father really wanted him to have one since his big sisters did, and so he shall have one!

I designed it myself and really enjoy this type of work. It relaxes me and I love to be creative. I am going to start doing announcements and other sorts of design work on a more regular basis. So if you like what you see and you need a photo card, let me know! My goal is to create modern family cards. However they will not be on photo paper, but printed on matte card stock or linen paper. I am not a huge fan of photo paper and find that matte is more timeless and classic.


necklace complete

I have been wearing tj+co "mommy jewelry" for years. I proudly displayed my girls "ruby" and "elk√ę" on my neck and am now excited to have completed the strand with "iver". Lovely sterling silver discs with 14K gold trim. Elegant, understated, me.

In a sweatshirt, or out on the town I love my tj+co name discs and every time they lightly jingle I smile.

TJ Kelley of tj+co is a hardworking mama of twin girls. She has excellent customer service and packaging and should be remembered when giving hints this year about what you would like for mother's day (or when picking out your own gift!).

Also checkout her new initial discs which are just as fab!


here i am

buried under laundry, catalogs and surviving on caffeinated beverages. I really miss reading magazines and catalogs. It is truly one of life's simple pleasures. One would think that I could squeeze it in, certainly during nursing Iver but alas, no. When nursing him I often find him now gazing up at me. But it takes me a minute to see his magical little face because I have been busy multi-tasking and working from my iPhone. So pathetic.

Confessions of a Workaholic Mom anyone?


how i am getting by

So I am doing pretty well considering iver came early, i have no maternity leave and have two other crazy kids on my hands. I am getting by with a lot of help from family and friends and some great products.

I thought I would let you know what is making my life easier these days, in case you are wondering and care. I always appreciate a good tip so hopefully you will too.

My "taters" and I are enjoying supportive bras and camisoles from Bravado. I am also enjoying Momzelle nursing tops. I am a fan of the all black selections so that the nursing flap is more incognito. Plus black is slimming.

I can't get through the day without Supergoop's Pocketstick SPF 30 chapstick. Something about nursing makes me super parched. I am drinking lots of water and shellacking my lips up with Supergoop.

My daily diaper bag is a giant tote by Le Sport Sac. I find these to be so great to just toss in the washing machine, and since I still cart around diapers for the toddler plus all of the newborn stuff, I prefer to have one big bag. I am thinking of treating myself to a new style for the spring... still undecided on which one.

To keep the older kids busy when we are out, I make sure that I have TravelKiddy's on hand. They do the trick and if the girls get bored at all, I just switch their activity kits and voila! No more whining. Awesome!

Iver is loving to wear cozy bamboo coveralls and tees by Kicky Pants. We get ours at What Every Baby Needs which is local and online! Cannot wait for the new stock to arrive so we can stock up!

I wish my pre-pregnancy jeans fit. However other than that we are plugging along through the days, and sleeping pretty well through the nights. Stay tuned for a post about how I will deal with my first business meeting since I am exclusively breastfeeding! I promise it will be scintillating!