the book

It's true. I am writing it. My Placenta Wears Prada - THE BOOK

Excited? Me too! Here's a snippet......

Somebody is peeing and it is not me. Ugh, boys. I don’t mind being woken up this way though when it could have turned out a lot differently. I will take warm baby pee shooting up the back of his pajamas under my arm and on to our clean crisp sheets any day of the week if it means my son is here.

Looking into his big charcoal six month old eyes, I think about last year. Oddly on this very day one year ago, and how out of nowhere at eleven weeks pregnant I started gushing blood. Bright.Red.Blood.

The first thing I did was call the doctor. He said to put my feet up. Then I called my mother and she told me to have a glass of wine. I love her. When I started cramping we went to the hospital. I said to myself “I am having a miscarriage”. I was actually relieved. This is how I knew something was very very wrong.


fast and easy

I really really really dreaded the thought of pumping when I was pregnant and planning to breastfeed Iver. I hadn't had any luck pumping 6 and 3 years ago when my daughters were born and ended up giving up on nursing all together.

With the help of Medela and my son who is a good nurser, we have tried very hard and I am confident now when I need to leave him with his "nana" for a work event. The Medela Freestyle Breast Pump is almost exciting to me in the silly way that I like to see how fast I can pump out 4 or 5 oz! It's fun to time myself and the high quality however gentle engineering makes it easy and simple. The Freestyle is a hands-free breast pump. They have the modern mom in mind at Medela!

A good breast pump is a must-have tool for every nursing mother. Whether you work and need to make sure that your baby has enough milk while you are away from him, or you are a stay-at-home mom with the smarts to allow Daddy, a sibling, or a caregiver to give you a much deserved break! Sure it is an investment but a great one. The Freestyle comes with a nice black bag to store your pump and accessories which makes storage and transport private and secure. I like to use the Medela steam bags to insure cleanliness, and I also find their blue cooler and carrier to be invaluable as I have more and more work events lately that keep my on the go. The rechargeable lithium battery as well as the ability to plug in if the battery should fail mid-pump is an added advantage!

check it out at medela

Also check out the nursing camisole. I have been enjoying wearing this since the day after Iver was born. It's great for sleeping in so that I can nurse him with ease and still stay warm and covered below the waist!

{these products were provided to me for testing by medela}


don't leave home with out it

There are 2 things that I don't leave home with out these days. 1. baby Iver, 2. His Soother Clip by Bugalug Baby. Really.

In the car he often loses his pacifier and it can be quite disturbing to all of us! I can easily reach back and find it attached to him which brings us great relief. For a long time now Bugalug Baby has been a go-to for this busy mama! From their fabulous barrettes to their new cinch belts! They were kind enough to send us the pacifier clip for Iver and I was so happy to see such fresh and modern designs!

Check them all out at Bugalug


beezus and ramona

I was a HUGE reader when I was younger. I would lock myself away and read for an entire day. Beverly Cleary, Judy Blume, VC Andrews, you name it. I would house a 500 page book in 2 and a half hours (which would frustrate my mom or dad who had just bought it for me!). I would read my favorite books over and over again and sometimes I would even write books (big surprise).

Some of these books from my childhood room are now waiting on Ruby's shelves for when she is able to crack open a youth reader and spend the day engrossed as I used to. She is almost there- I can't believe how well she is doing with her reading at just 5 and a half years old. I am so grateful to her teacher for that! I am looking forward to Ruby enjoying literature and was reminded of these special times recently when her little sister Elkë took this book that I received as a gift from my aunt Lucy (an illustrator and author) off of Ruby's shelf and started carrying it around. She must have thought the front cover art was funny as it is particularly poignant these days. Ruby and Elkë ARE Beezus and Ramona!

What has changed since I was a little avid reader is the price of a good paperback!



a few of my favorite things

Moss decorative balls in a pinched pot made by my husband's cousin which I received at my bridal shower. along side my vintage Dr. Doolittle book set which sits atop our mantle!

The mantle updated for late spring/summer with the girls' silhouttes, vintage books, and touches of white and glass.

Little bird sitting under a cloche next to my Elkë's silhouette on a stack of vintage books. Swiss Family Robinson and Rabbit GO-Lucky.


sucking it in

So I am almost 3 months postpartum and although skinny jeans has never really been a concern of mine, it would be nice to fit back into my "regular clothes". For the most part I can but when I can't I pull on my "compression" garment by Wink Belly Bands and it really helps.

I can't say that I wear this everyday so I don't know about it's alleged "shrinking" capabilities. However it does help smooth things down under a dress. They were kind enough to send me the thigh length shorts to try which can have sort of a self esteem crushing sausage like affect at the bottom, therefore I don't wear them under pants, but if you don't have that problem I say Go For It! If skinny jeans and belly shrinking is your goal I would go for the high waisted underwear instead.

If you have tried this product let me know! Curious to see if I should suck it up and wear them everyday. Skinny Jeans here I come! Or not.



this is why i love my husband

he did all of the laundry before leaving for a work trip. then he piled up my nursing pads and left them where I could see them. LOVE THAT MAN!