sucking it in

So I am almost 3 months postpartum and although skinny jeans has never really been a concern of mine, it would be nice to fit back into my "regular clothes". For the most part I can but when I can't I pull on my "compression" garment by Wink Belly Bands and it really helps.

I can't say that I wear this everyday so I don't know about it's alleged "shrinking" capabilities. However it does help smooth things down under a dress. They were kind enough to send me the thigh length shorts to try which can have sort of a self esteem crushing sausage like affect at the bottom, therefore I don't wear them under pants, but if you don't have that problem I say Go For It! If skinny jeans and belly shrinking is your goal I would go for the high waisted underwear instead.

If you have tried this product let me know! Curious to see if I should suck it up and wear them everyday. Skinny Jeans here I come! Or not.


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