crocband christmas

I have been eyeing these for the girls for Christmas. They love Crocs. I adore how the new "crocband" style has a preppy stripe.

So my strategy is to gift them for Christmas. Also, because Crocs wear so well and last forever I am purchasing the two sizes in gender neutral colors so that Iver can use them later on. Smart huh? I know.

So "lime" for my Elkë and Red for my Ruby! They will be very excited (I hope!)

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heading north

Tomorrow morning we head up north to the in-laws for the rest of the week. We relax, eat, yell at all of the kids. It's great.

This is what it looks like there. Can't wait!


baby iver 25 week ultrasound

This morning I got to see our little guy on the ultrasound! He is basically doing the side stroke and his head is down already. He looks great and even yawned so that the sonographer could get a good look at his mouth and up his tiny nose!

We are right on track for size and measurements.

If you follow me on Twitter you can even see a scan!


carry me

I am a huge fan of wearing babies. They love it, I love it. So it all works out for everyone!

We purchased a BABYBJÖRN when Ruby was born (5+ years ago) and since then the company has grown leaps and bounds with so many different new products. Not to mention the color choices for their famous carrier, now even available in organic fabric!

When baby Iver arrives I can't wait to use our new Classic Baby Carrier Original by the brand famous for construction, durability and simple style. This time we will be using their new Organic Cotton version in a lovely shade of walnut which is right up my color palette alley!

The Classic Baby Carrier is appropriate for wearing baby from newborn up to 25lbs. It has a super ergonomic design and I always feel very supported using this type of baby carrier. When baby is a bit bigger they like to face forward which is another great feature.

We can't wait to report back on this product in March when he is here and we take him out and about to see the world in style, comfort and safety! Plus, baby carrying is a good core/ab workout for mama post delivery!

{My Placenta Wears Prada received a sample for review in order to give you the scoop}


oh, she's crafty.

Betcha didn't know I liked to make stuff. Well I do. I also enjoy packaging it and sending it out to little people all around the globe!

Back in 2006 I started a line of modern toddler goods: Luna Lou. Inspired by Ruby and her obsession with the moon, Luna Lou soared to great heights, was in PARENTS magazine, and featured on many blogs. She had scrumptious blankets (sorry we aren't making those any longer) Scuffy Slippers, and Toddler Sized Thank You Notes.

Some of these are available in our Etsy shop, and more will be coming soon. Mama loves to make things and has decided to purchase a sewing machine. So Look Out! Mama will also be making great things for her little girls and boy on the way. Oh and mending husband's shirts/pants.


punky kids

My girls are both feeling punky with a virus that luckily is not the dreaded flu. Of course while everyone else is getting the flu, we have to get Coxsackie Virus.

Despite blisters on their hands, feet and in their mouths (I know, seriously) they are in good spirits. That is their nature, very easy going, always on the go, always looking at the bright side.

Recently I took some shots of them for my friend Ben Karis-Nix who owns a line of t-shirts for men, women and kids called Run We Must. Run We Must is a great song that was written by Ben with my husband on drums. Like my kids with their great spirit, Run We Must is a whimsical point of view which could only be invented and conveyed by someone like Ben.

Check out his line (kid's tees are 15% off!)& the song by Sugar Cookie Music (My Dan). Indie tees, indie rock.



dr chill says, "chill"

This week over at Pregnancy & Newborn where I have a blog all about my 40 week journey, I have brought up a delicate topic. Sex.

Pelvic Rest. Could you do it?


baby iver needs this.

I think that I will get this for our boy iver landon. He will need a cocoon for his first photos. What baby doesn't?

Of course this darling hand-knit set is by an Etsy designer. The shop is called FairyShred and this looks like a great keepsake item. Maybe someday he will use it for his son or daughter.

Having had two summer babies I am searching Etsy during any spare time that I have looking for perfect little knit and cozy items. He is due in early March and we live in upstate NY. Brr!!!


crafty mama i am not.

For me it all comes down to time. However I do my best. I wish I could be more of a mom like my friend Ruby at MyCakies. Her Halloween and her everyday life with her girls looks like a lot of fun and she puts so much time and effort into every moment being a memory.

I do my best with what I have and try to make Saturday's "family fun" day. I am sure many of you WAHM's or WOTHM's (Work Outside the Home Mom)can relate to my struggle.

This Halloween I did my best to be festive and make treats for my family. Ruby still wanted to wear her costume, but Elkë (having worn it two times already this past week) was over hers. That is fine. She ended up just running around in tights and a tee like she was Jennifer Biels in Flashdance. She is a maniac. It was perfect.

Hopefully I created nice memories for them, even on a time crunch. If that means cupcakes with boxed mix and frosting from a container, so be it.

Some cupcakes with the help of a certain doughboy