baby iver needs this.

I think that I will get this for our boy iver landon. He will need a cocoon for his first photos. What baby doesn't?

Of course this darling hand-knit set is by an Etsy designer. The shop is called FairyShred and this looks like a great keepsake item. Maybe someday he will use it for his son or daughter.

Having had two summer babies I am searching Etsy during any spare time that I have looking for perfect little knit and cozy items. He is due in early March and we live in upstate NY. Brr!!!


  1. Thanks to YOU I am now obsessed with Etsy! These are so precious and you must get one! They have such cute ones for little boys! I wish they had one in a hot pink or a pretty girl color. LOVE THEM! For our first picture I think we will be doing a crochet flower hat and tutu :)

  2. this is the cutest thing i have ever seen! makes me want to have a baby right now.

  3. as soon as i get my own photography biz up and running (and away from working for 'the man') i planned on investing in several of these for baby portraits. i saw them several months ago, and fell in love with them. glad we have similar & superb taste cuz! ;)