crafty mama i am not.

For me it all comes down to time. However I do my best. I wish I could be more of a mom like my friend Ruby at MyCakies. Her Halloween and her everyday life with her girls looks like a lot of fun and she puts so much time and effort into every moment being a memory.

I do my best with what I have and try to make Saturday's "family fun" day. I am sure many of you WAHM's or WOTHM's (Work Outside the Home Mom)can relate to my struggle.

This Halloween I did my best to be festive and make treats for my family. Ruby still wanted to wear her costume, but Elk√ę (having worn it two times already this past week) was over hers. That is fine. She ended up just running around in tights and a tee like she was Jennifer Biels in Flashdance. She is a maniac. It was perfect.

Hopefully I created nice memories for them, even on a time crunch. If that means cupcakes with boxed mix and frosting from a container, so be it.

Some cupcakes with the help of a certain doughboy

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