oh, she's crafty.

Betcha didn't know I liked to make stuff. Well I do. I also enjoy packaging it and sending it out to little people all around the globe!

Back in 2006 I started a line of modern toddler goods: Luna Lou. Inspired by Ruby and her obsession with the moon, Luna Lou soared to great heights, was in PARENTS magazine, and featured on many blogs. She had scrumptious blankets (sorry we aren't making those any longer) Scuffy Slippers, and Toddler Sized Thank You Notes.

Some of these are available in our Etsy shop, and more will be coming soon. Mama loves to make things and has decided to purchase a sewing machine. So Look Out! Mama will also be making great things for her little girls and boy on the way. Oh and mending husband's shirts/pants.

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