kick. kick. kick. roll.

The baby is kicking and rolling a lot today! 17+ weeks and I am getting HUGE!

I never wonder anymore why I decided I needed another baby. I mean just look at these photos and you will see.


styling the belly

This time around I have a new approach to fashion. There are a few reasons for this. Read about them over at Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine in my column "Straight from the Belly".


dr. chill says, well "chill".

Today I had my 16+ week check up with Dr. Chill.

Last week as you may recall I had my ultrasound and the sonographer still found a few pockets of blood that need to work themselves out. They don't affect the baby so they are not worried. They are still not worried, but say that since they are still working themselves out that I need to chillax.

So I have to cancel my gym membership (that I never use anyway so score an extra $69 in my pocket each month), and I am still on pelvic rest. TMI? I know, but hey, I am giving it to you anyway. And by pelvic rest I mean I am not giving it to my husband. He is not thrilled, but supportive of my health of course. Maybe he can use the time and frustration to finish the basement? That would be nice.

The baby (most likely boy) is a bit of a sneaky little fricker who does NOT like to have his heartbeat listened to. My placenta is anterior so it is sort of a cushion between my front and the baby. This makes kicks and movement more muffled, and the heartbeat hard to find. Not to mention the fact that the whole time Dr. Chill was trying to get the heartbeat today on the Doppler, the baby kept swimming back and forth. I imagine he will be quite active and sneaky on the outside too. Just like his big sister. The heartbeat was finally nailed down at 143.

Headed back 10/12 (Our six year wedding anniversary!) for my 20 week ultrasound, and in 4 weeks for another check up.


buying for baby

Now that things in the uterus have settled down a bit and as of this moment "he" is thriving, I can breathe deeply and consider a few purchases to prepare. Of course I don't need EVERYTHING as we do have two children already, however if what the sonographer says is true, we DO need EVERYTHING. We have never had a boy before!!

One product I swear by and declare a "must-have" is the Patemm Pad. I have known owner Grace Welch for 4 years now and just love her business, envy her success, and appreciate that she is constantly growing her line and doing what she has to do to be successful in a competitive industry, all the while staying true to her principles of how she wants to run Patemm.

I was lucky enough to receive her newest product, the Laminated Cotton Patemm Pad. It is the same size and has the same useful components as the rest of the collection, but the fresh new fabrics and waterproof aspect is making mommies like me, drool. This Patemm Pad collection is also PVC, LEAD, PHTHALATE, LATEX, BPA, AND FORMALDEHYDE-FREE!! Patemm Pads fold up nicely from their patented round shape into a neat and portable pouch. You can even slip a few diapers and a slim wipes case in the pockets and be ready for anything! Later on, baby can use this as a play mat, and later later on, an art pad for drawing on in the car. Simply lay it over toddler or school aged legs in the car seat, and fill the side pockets with crayons and papers!

I chose New York City Momma, because let's face it. "He" can have his blue, and his cowboy boots, and his mini John Deer tractor over at the grandparents house, but when it comes to diaper bags and accessories, they are mine. My taste, and my choice. No bears, no trains, no way, no how.


this week's blog post at P&N mag

Click here to read this week's blog post over at Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine and my column "Straight from the Belly"



hmm wasn't expecting this

Yesterday was my much anticipated ultrasound at 15+ weeks to see how my placenta lobe was looking and see why I am still bleeding. Thank you to all of my supportive friends, family and clients who twittered and facebooked with me all day about how things went!

I am happy to report that things are looking better, thank goodness! However there are still some little areas that show clots that need to either absorb or will pass on their own. I speak with the doctor next week about this and the results. Then I will find out about my long term plans for my modified bed rest.

One thing I NEVER expected to see was a PENIS.

We will know more about the suspicious boy part in three weeks when I go back for more bio-physical profiling of the baby and "his" measurements etc. The sonographer who I have now seen at Dr. Chill's office for six years warned me that it is "early" and she "can't say for sure" however she kept trying to find the penis and took the above screen capture of it. She did have to say at the end that she was very sure it was a boy. As a mom of two boys herself I think she was also excited for us. Me? I have two girls. Two sisters, and know nothing about boys. But Dan is one of five boys so I think we can figure it out together!

So far "he" looks great and big and moves around all of the time and is growing up a storm! This means my placenta is doing its job! The placenta is anterior though so I don't feel as much kicking yet as some women may. It is between my belly muscles and the baby as opposed to off to the side or under or on top.

OMG we might have a boy. Can't wait let him grow his hair long and watch him play drums and skateboard with Daddy and to give him a kick ass name.


gender bender

So I bought myself the intelliGender as a little "pick me up".

Thoughts? Reviews?


week 14 of pregnancy

Welcome to your second trimester- let's bleed shall we?

Ugh. That is NOT in the What to Expect books.

Yes, bleeding at 11.5 weeks, 12 weeks, and then again at 13 weeks, 4 days (so last Wednesday and it's Tuesday now and it's still here). Not pleased. No cramping though and so "they" say "take it easy". Of course I am trying this.

Sorry if you don't want to hear about my blood, perhaps you shouldn't read this blog. The bleeding is a major player in my pregnancy I guess. This bout of it is "old" as they call it. So that is supposed to make me feel better.

On Monday I will be 15weeks 1 day and we will have an ultrasound to see how the baby is doing and how things look in the baby condo. I am hopeful but some days I honestly wish we just hadn't gone for #3. I am allowed to think this. I am having a terrible time and will wallow if I want. I feel bad for the baby who may not be getting enough of what he/she needs because it's possible that the placenta and other cushioning factors are severely compromised. While it's too early to tell "they" keep telling me that I could lose the baby at any time. Or the baby could be just fine. I just can't imagine how.

top 10 things that blow about bed rest

So I have been in and out of bed enough in the last three weeks to come up with a list of reasons why bed rest (modified or not) is practically impossible when you have a 5 year old and 2 year old.

1. Waiting at the bus stop with your kindergartner and a 2 year old who is running amok and playing in the neighbor's mulch, and who also wants to run out into the street causing you to chase her, sucks. Sure she could be strapped into a stroller and foaming at the mouth, (maybe we will try that tomorrow).

2. The constant up and down the stairs is unavoidable. Should have bought a sprawling ranch.

3. I pee a lot

4. The kids need to be fed, changed, fed, changed, do you see a pattern? Ok the five year old can "change" herself, but she takes for ever and it is easier to just stand over her while she does it.

5. I get hungry and thirsty and sometimes am alone and need to get my own food/drink.

6. The 2 year old, starting tomorrow will need to be driven to and picked up from school three times per week. I am her mother, I will do this.

7. The other day the 2 year old flew across the hall and hit her face in a door jam. This hurt. I immediately scooped her up even though that is not allowed due to bed rest. However, I am her mother. The feeling of carrying her was so unfamiliar as I haven't really done that in weeks that I didn't want to let her go.

8. The two year old is a dare devil and climber and often needs to be rescued.

9. My closet is a disaster and needs to be sorted, then all of the crap needs to get out of here. Who the heck is going to do that? My strategy of throwing it out the master bedroom window to avoid carrying it down the stairs, still means I would have to carry it around the house to the car.

10. Getting all of the "stuff" ready for the girls to bring to school is insane. Lots of hunting and gathering and list making and store visits. Who else is going to do this?


from my pregnancy & newborn mag blog

My Unconventional Baby Warmer

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long awaited convo with OBGYN recap

So yesterday I had my much anticipated appointment with my OBGYN. I will refer to him (to protect his confidentiality) on this blog as "Dr. Chill". He delivered both of my daughters and has remained cool, calm and collective through the last six years. When he needs to be super thorough and overprotective he is and that is what I like about him. He is Dr. Chill.

Since Dr. Chill was on vacation while all of my bleeding was going on I had a few of the residents at the hospital and some OB's who were covering for him attending to me while he was away. He stayed in touch but there was only so much he could do from his undisclosed location. I was eager to hear his take on my Accessory Placental Lobe.

I got to the office right on time and noticed that he wasn't anywhere to be found. Usually you seem him walking around as he is in practice by himself. His wife runs the show and she is a nurse practitioner which ROCKS because if you have a problem she can help you and you don't need to wait. About a half hour into the wait, they told me and about ten other uncomfortable pregnant women that he was across the parking lot at the hospital delivering a baby. He would be back in 45 minutes. I decided to wait since my cramping and spotting and lower back pain was rearing its ugly head and my mom had my girls for the day and night, so I sat there and twittered and followed up on dozens of emails for work.

He came back eventually and saw the look on my face when the nurse gave me a cloth to cover up my legs with the option of having an internal exam. I have had enough of those in the last week so he took pity on me. Once again, Dr. Chill. He knows that I know if I really needed one I would have laid back and taken a deep breath. But I didn't feel it was necessary. After all, every doctor has told me so far in the last two weeks that if I am going to dilate and lose this baby there is nothing they can or will do to stop it.

He concurs that I need to continue my modified bed rest and my full pelvic rest. Husband is being supportive of this. What choice does he have? But I tell you, full pelvic rest for the last two weeks has sparked some VERY interesting dreams during my REM sleep. Naughty ones. Oh well! Dreaming is safe for the baby I suppose. He said to keep my ultrasound appointment on September 14th and we will know then how the placenta is dealing with its accessory. We can go from there to decide if I need more serious bed rest, or to be seen weekly, or to have more ultrasounds than normal, yada yada.

I have made the educated decision that perhaps I need to eat more sticky things to make my placenta stay put. Sticky Buns, cream cheese on toasted sesame bagel, whatever works.

decisions, decisions

I am supposed to be taking it easy right? So when my mother offered to take the girls (2 & 5) off of my hands for however long I need, I said "sure!". That was yesterday. So this morning I slept in a little bit, dreamt about my pasta client and how we should offer pasta making classes this fall at the restaurant. I also had other extremely interesting dreams that only a person on "pelvic rest" would have.

Ahem, anyway. When I padded downstairs this morning to have my regulated one or two cups of coffee and my packaged coffee cake, I wanted to relax and watch the Today show like a normal stay-at-home mom (I can pretend). I also have a lot of work on my plate so the work-at-home mom side of me had to make the executive decision to bring my laptop to the sofa as I can't find the remote control for my office television.

Here I sit, feet up in "bed rest" position, laptop on my lap, conquering the world. Only able to do this because the lovable chids are at "nana's" house. Another night probably won't hurt. For God's sake, she took them to an amusement park yesterday. They may never want to come home.


what is an accessory placenta lobe?

succenturiate lobed placenta - A succenturiate (accessory) lobe is a second or third placental lobe that is much smaller than the largest lobe. Unlike bipartite lobes, the smaller succenturiate lobe often has areas of infarction or atrophy. The risk factors associated are advanced maternal age, primigravida, proteinuria in the first trimester of pregnancy, and major malformations in the fetus. The membranes between the lobes in such placenta can be torn during delivery, and the extra lobe can be retained after rest of the placenta has been delivered, with consequent postpartum bleeding.