week 14 of pregnancy

Welcome to your second trimester- let's bleed shall we?

Ugh. That is NOT in the What to Expect books.

Yes, bleeding at 11.5 weeks, 12 weeks, and then again at 13 weeks, 4 days (so last Wednesday and it's Tuesday now and it's still here). Not pleased. No cramping though and so "they" say "take it easy". Of course I am trying this.

Sorry if you don't want to hear about my blood, perhaps you shouldn't read this blog. The bleeding is a major player in my pregnancy I guess. This bout of it is "old" as they call it. So that is supposed to make me feel better.

On Monday I will be 15weeks 1 day and we will have an ultrasound to see how the baby is doing and how things look in the baby condo. I am hopeful but some days I honestly wish we just hadn't gone for #3. I am allowed to think this. I am having a terrible time and will wallow if I want. I feel bad for the baby who may not be getting enough of what he/she needs because it's possible that the placenta and other cushioning factors are severely compromised. While it's too early to tell "they" keep telling me that I could lose the baby at any time. Or the baby could be just fine. I just can't imagine how.


  1. You are absolutely allowed to think and feel whatever you want, and don't let ANYONE make you feel differently. This is a seriously rough thing you're dealing with. I can't even imagine, so I won't offer any trite advice. But I think, if it were me, I'd have the same nagging thoughts.

  2. Anyone who tries to tell you what you should or should not think is just wrong. This is ridiculously hard, and it's not something you signed up for. Please know I've got you in my constant thoughts. All five of you, actually.

  3. Makes total sense, Lizzie! I will continue to keep my fingers crossed that baby stays put!