buying for baby

Now that things in the uterus have settled down a bit and as of this moment "he" is thriving, I can breathe deeply and consider a few purchases to prepare. Of course I don't need EVERYTHING as we do have two children already, however if what the sonographer says is true, we DO need EVERYTHING. We have never had a boy before!!

One product I swear by and declare a "must-have" is the Patemm Pad. I have known owner Grace Welch for 4 years now and just love her business, envy her success, and appreciate that she is constantly growing her line and doing what she has to do to be successful in a competitive industry, all the while staying true to her principles of how she wants to run Patemm.

I was lucky enough to receive her newest product, the Laminated Cotton Patemm Pad. It is the same size and has the same useful components as the rest of the collection, but the fresh new fabrics and waterproof aspect is making mommies like me, drool. This Patemm Pad collection is also PVC, LEAD, PHTHALATE, LATEX, BPA, AND FORMALDEHYDE-FREE!! Patemm Pads fold up nicely from their patented round shape into a neat and portable pouch. You can even slip a few diapers and a slim wipes case in the pockets and be ready for anything! Later on, baby can use this as a play mat, and later later on, an art pad for drawing on in the car. Simply lay it over toddler or school aged legs in the car seat, and fill the side pockets with crayons and papers!

I chose New York City Momma, because let's face it. "He" can have his blue, and his cowboy boots, and his mini John Deer tractor over at the grandparents house, but when it comes to diaper bags and accessories, they are mine. My taste, and my choice. No bears, no trains, no way, no how.


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