dr. chill says, well "chill".

Today I had my 16+ week check up with Dr. Chill.

Last week as you may recall I had my ultrasound and the sonographer still found a few pockets of blood that need to work themselves out. They don't affect the baby so they are not worried. They are still not worried, but say that since they are still working themselves out that I need to chillax.

So I have to cancel my gym membership (that I never use anyway so score an extra $69 in my pocket each month), and I am still on pelvic rest. TMI? I know, but hey, I am giving it to you anyway. And by pelvic rest I mean I am not giving it to my husband. He is not thrilled, but supportive of my health of course. Maybe he can use the time and frustration to finish the basement? That would be nice.

The baby (most likely boy) is a bit of a sneaky little fricker who does NOT like to have his heartbeat listened to. My placenta is anterior so it is sort of a cushion between my front and the baby. This makes kicks and movement more muffled, and the heartbeat hard to find. Not to mention the fact that the whole time Dr. Chill was trying to get the heartbeat today on the Doppler, the baby kept swimming back and forth. I imagine he will be quite active and sneaky on the outside too. Just like his big sister. The heartbeat was finally nailed down at 143.

Headed back 10/12 (Our six year wedding anniversary!) for my 20 week ultrasound, and in 4 weeks for another check up.

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