decisions, decisions

I am supposed to be taking it easy right? So when my mother offered to take the girls (2 & 5) off of my hands for however long I need, I said "sure!". That was yesterday. So this morning I slept in a little bit, dreamt about my pasta client and how we should offer pasta making classes this fall at the restaurant. I also had other extremely interesting dreams that only a person on "pelvic rest" would have.

Ahem, anyway. When I padded downstairs this morning to have my regulated one or two cups of coffee and my packaged coffee cake, I wanted to relax and watch the Today show like a normal stay-at-home mom (I can pretend). I also have a lot of work on my plate so the work-at-home mom side of me had to make the executive decision to bring my laptop to the sofa as I can't find the remote control for my office television.

Here I sit, feet up in "bed rest" position, laptop on my lap, conquering the world. Only able to do this because the lovable chids are at "nana's" house. Another night probably won't hurt. For God's sake, she took them to an amusement park yesterday. They may never want to come home.

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  1. Lizzie
    I just read your Daily Stroll notice that you are going to have to let it go...disappointing but in the meantime, I strolled right over to your new pregnancy blog and wanted to give you a BIG squeeze from EmmyDoodlesToo...Congratulations on your pregnancy and new blog adventure...I will continue to follow you-
    I just totally nodded when I heard you saying "I am doing this, and this and this and something has to give."
    I found myself nodding and thinking "wow why do mommy's stretch ourselves so thin."
    I am a working mom as an administrator in a school district full time, trying to start a new clothing business as a part time gig, trying to being a mommy of a 2 and 4 year old, and a wife to my loving husband...
    Where oh where do we think the energy comes from for us to get through a day...