long awaited convo with OBGYN recap

So yesterday I had my much anticipated appointment with my OBGYN. I will refer to him (to protect his confidentiality) on this blog as "Dr. Chill". He delivered both of my daughters and has remained cool, calm and collective through the last six years. When he needs to be super thorough and overprotective he is and that is what I like about him. He is Dr. Chill.

Since Dr. Chill was on vacation while all of my bleeding was going on I had a few of the residents at the hospital and some OB's who were covering for him attending to me while he was away. He stayed in touch but there was only so much he could do from his undisclosed location. I was eager to hear his take on my Accessory Placental Lobe.

I got to the office right on time and noticed that he wasn't anywhere to be found. Usually you seem him walking around as he is in practice by himself. His wife runs the show and she is a nurse practitioner which ROCKS because if you have a problem she can help you and you don't need to wait. About a half hour into the wait, they told me and about ten other uncomfortable pregnant women that he was across the parking lot at the hospital delivering a baby. He would be back in 45 minutes. I decided to wait since my cramping and spotting and lower back pain was rearing its ugly head and my mom had my girls for the day and night, so I sat there and twittered and followed up on dozens of emails for work.

He came back eventually and saw the look on my face when the nurse gave me a cloth to cover up my legs with the option of having an internal exam. I have had enough of those in the last week so he took pity on me. Once again, Dr. Chill. He knows that I know if I really needed one I would have laid back and taken a deep breath. But I didn't feel it was necessary. After all, every doctor has told me so far in the last two weeks that if I am going to dilate and lose this baby there is nothing they can or will do to stop it.

He concurs that I need to continue my modified bed rest and my full pelvic rest. Husband is being supportive of this. What choice does he have? But I tell you, full pelvic rest for the last two weeks has sparked some VERY interesting dreams during my REM sleep. Naughty ones. Oh well! Dreaming is safe for the baby I suppose. He said to keep my ultrasound appointment on September 14th and we will know then how the placenta is dealing with its accessory. We can go from there to decide if I need more serious bed rest, or to be seen weekly, or to have more ultrasounds than normal, yada yada.

I have made the educated decision that perhaps I need to eat more sticky things to make my placenta stay put. Sticky Buns, cream cheese on toasted sesame bagel, whatever works.

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