top 10 things that blow about bed rest

So I have been in and out of bed enough in the last three weeks to come up with a list of reasons why bed rest (modified or not) is practically impossible when you have a 5 year old and 2 year old.

1. Waiting at the bus stop with your kindergartner and a 2 year old who is running amok and playing in the neighbor's mulch, and who also wants to run out into the street causing you to chase her, sucks. Sure she could be strapped into a stroller and foaming at the mouth, (maybe we will try that tomorrow).

2. The constant up and down the stairs is unavoidable. Should have bought a sprawling ranch.

3. I pee a lot

4. The kids need to be fed, changed, fed, changed, do you see a pattern? Ok the five year old can "change" herself, but she takes for ever and it is easier to just stand over her while she does it.

5. I get hungry and thirsty and sometimes am alone and need to get my own food/drink.

6. The 2 year old, starting tomorrow will need to be driven to and picked up from school three times per week. I am her mother, I will do this.

7. The other day the 2 year old flew across the hall and hit her face in a door jam. This hurt. I immediately scooped her up even though that is not allowed due to bed rest. However, I am her mother. The feeling of carrying her was so unfamiliar as I haven't really done that in weeks that I didn't want to let her go.

8. The two year old is a dare devil and climber and often needs to be rescued.

9. My closet is a disaster and needs to be sorted, then all of the crap needs to get out of here. Who the heck is going to do that? My strategy of throwing it out the master bedroom window to avoid carrying it down the stairs, still means I would have to carry it around the house to the car.

10. Getting all of the "stuff" ready for the girls to bring to school is insane. Lots of hunting and gathering and list making and store visits. Who else is going to do this?

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