hmm wasn't expecting this

Yesterday was my much anticipated ultrasound at 15+ weeks to see how my placenta lobe was looking and see why I am still bleeding. Thank you to all of my supportive friends, family and clients who twittered and facebooked with me all day about how things went!

I am happy to report that things are looking better, thank goodness! However there are still some little areas that show clots that need to either absorb or will pass on their own. I speak with the doctor next week about this and the results. Then I will find out about my long term plans for my modified bed rest.

One thing I NEVER expected to see was a PENIS.

We will know more about the suspicious boy part in three weeks when I go back for more bio-physical profiling of the baby and "his" measurements etc. The sonographer who I have now seen at Dr. Chill's office for six years warned me that it is "early" and she "can't say for sure" however she kept trying to find the penis and took the above screen capture of it. She did have to say at the end that she was very sure it was a boy. As a mom of two boys herself I think she was also excited for us. Me? I have two girls. Two sisters, and know nothing about boys. But Dan is one of five boys so I think we can figure it out together!

So far "he" looks great and big and moves around all of the time and is growing up a storm! This means my placenta is doing its job! The placenta is anterior though so I don't feel as much kicking yet as some women may. It is between my belly muscles and the baby as opposed to off to the side or under or on top.

OMG we might have a boy. Can't wait let him grow his hair long and watch him play drums and skateboard with Daddy and to give him a kick ass name.

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  1. whoa. a boy! i still can't believe it! since you haven't ever had a baby shower and you are the baby stuff guru, i totally think someone should throw you a baby shower if you're having a boy!!!! i will talk to sarah about this....