i heart this. so much.

I really rely on Etsy for great gifts on a moments notice. I also rely on it as a means to slow down for a quick second and look around and relax. I know, it sounds desperate, but anyone who knows me knows that I am desperate to relax. Just a few minutes of looking around refreshes me and then I can get back to work. Sometimes that means I have purchased something, but at Etsy it rarely breaks the bank.

My most recent find and favorite is this set of feedsack book ends by Next Door to Heaven. I need them. They are just so up my alley as far as the fabric, the black stencil, it is the epitome of me. I would (will) put them in my office to nestle my stack of "to read" books inside my black beadboard hutch desk and it will be perfection. I plan on purchasing them as soon as possible and I advise you to checkout her shop as well! She is shipping still for Christmas! Until 12/20. HINT HINT to husband who reads my blog.

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