steamed milk:: you are my newest obsession

At 32 Weeks pregnant my newest obsession is adding steamed milk to my coffee. I suppose this is sort of like a latte but I use regular coffee instead of espresso. Oh that and I am no barista so I have no idea what I am talking about. All I know is I figure that if I have a cup or two of half steamed non-fat milk and half coffee I am cutting back on caffeine.

When we moved into our house the woman moving out was a woman scorned. "He was the coffee drinker" she spitted at us during our final walk-through. As if coffee equaled the devil. Then she pointed at her Krups espresso machine on the counter, clearly barely used and said it was ours if we wanted it. Sure! I thought to myself -"I will take whatever gifts with purchase you want to give me you psycho lady."

I bought espresso but haven't had the courage to experiment on my own. I leave that up to the real baristas. For now I steam milk. It makes me feel fancy.

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  1. A high quality foam is not large-bubbled, and it also should not be dry like a meringue. The foam is not something that just floats atop your gourmet espresso drink, it contains fine qualities that enhance and blend with the espresso drink in a harmonious expression of the drink’s essence.