pre-term labor signs?


Drove to OB's office. Got checked (insert uncomfortable face) and he says cervix is not changed. Thick.Closed.Long. Yay!

He says he can feel baby's head but it hasn't dropped. It is still floating. Apparently I have an Olympic swimmer in there and he is just practicing his flip-turns. I guess the next thing I embroider on the blank hats that I have been stitching will be a little fish!

earlier in the day.......

Ugh I feel like this baby wants to come out now. But he needs to stay in! At 31 weeks I have several signs of pre-term labor. Heading to doctor later today to make sure my cervix isn't changing with these "signs".

What are my signs? Having gone through labor twice before (both times early but not this early) I concur that a check is in order.

-contractions sometimes every 2-3 minutes lasting 45 seconds each with need to breathe it out
-lower back pain radiating to front
-frequent trips to the bathroom of both genres
-lots of baby movement but a feeling that he has dropped into pelvis more
-just feeling "not right"

Wish me luck! I would hate to go on drugs to stop the frequent contractions but it may be necessary.

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