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I am all about lounge wear. Yes, this is a luxury when working from home but also a necessity when in your last months of pregnancy, or first months of recovering from delivery. If you want to nurse you also need to consider accessibility. Fashion. Accessibility.Necessity. These can all come together if you choose carefully and make good investments.

My latest choices for lounge wear have been rather high end but excellent investments in fit, quality, and coverage. I want to know that what ever I am choosing to wear is acceptable and appropriate for being around my children and the occasional Fed Ex guy who rings the door bell (another part of being a WAHM).

Recently I tried a "Sleep Dress" from Miravos. An exquisite line of nursing apparel made with Bamboo. The sizing is right, and I have been wearing their sleep dress even at almost 8 months pregnant. The coverage and length is great and I plan on wearing it as often as I can before and after baby. I will bring it with me to the hospital, wear it with pants to lounge in, and feel chic and comfortable the entire time! Miravos is not only loungewear, they have lovely tops and dresses and I imagine we will see a lot more from them in 2010.

Miravos was founded by Maud Maron. A mom and believer in eco-friendly nursing wear.

Miravos is manufactured in New York City, USA from sustainable bamboo. Bamboo grows without pesticides and has a natural anti-bacterial agent called "bamboo kun" which remains in the fabric even after fifty washes! Bamboo is a perfect fabric for both nursing moms and babies since it offers exceptional breathability and coolness, as well as excellent moisture absorption and ventilation. And of course, it feels wonderful!

{disclaimer:: Miravos sent me a sleep dress to try so that I could give you the deets first hand}

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