bathing my stinky boy

I am really looking forward to meeting this baby! Any week now!

I am also looking forward to baby bubble time. A simple bath can really calm a baby and re-focus any sour moods. For mama too.

I have found with a very small baby that washing in the sink is easiest. I get myself all set up with towel, diaper, wash cloth, and soaps/shampoo and keep everything in arms reach so I can be comfortable as well as the baby. Leaning over a large tub to a small baby is uneasy and too much water is wasted.

The puj tub is a product that I am very excited to use for baby Iver's first (and future) baths. This new innovative bath seat lies flat and can hang on the back of the bathroom door for convenience, and easily folds together for use in a standard bathroom sink! Genius! The founder of pujbaby is so super smart that she has short instructional videos for all products.

Another product I am looking forward to pampering my smelly boy with is the BabySilk Spaaah Baby set. I can see this being a delight for the senses for both of us! MD Moms is the brain behind the BabySilk collection and Spaaah Baby is a gift set designed to offer clean and moisturizing products for delicate skin. I expect my little Danish boy to have delicate skin like his big sisters and can't wait to introduce him to the importance of pampering right from the start!

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