preparing for d-day part one

My 30 week article at Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine has been posted and it is all about what I am currently thinking of in terms of this baby and the fact that he will be here in ten weeks or less. What to bring to the hospital!

Thank goodness I have been there, done that, so I know what to bring and what I can go ahead and leave at home. As a two-part article, I am discussing Straight From the Belly exactly what I think any expecting mom truly needs, and reminding readers to ask friends who have "been there" for advice if this is your first time.

Next week stay tuned for Part deux of the blog about specific items to bring and what you may want to do concerning any gifts you receive while in the hospital. Bet you didn't think about that one right? Well try being wheeled out of the hospital to your car with a baby, a bag, possibly older siblings, a husband, a sore tummy and twenty billion balloons and crap stuffed bears that you feel like you have to bring home, not to mention flowers in water. (Okaaaay....I can tell I am not getting any gifts this time around in the hospital...oops).

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