very very tired. oh and pretty pregnant too.

So I am 32 weeks. I am still pretty on top of things work and mental-wise and my memory and to-do list crossing off is good and sharp for the time being, but I am DOG tired. I forget that I am pregnant and then realize why I am tired and then feel sad and guilty that I can't really just sit down and rest. The baby deserves better than this, but he is kicking away constantly so the chances of me getting any rest are slim. Hopefully he will take it down a notch on the outside!

I am grateful that my job isn't as a waitress or a teacher or a job that keeps me on my feet all day. But I still feel like I can't just take a break and lay down. I have so much to do and small children to chase after. I think of my third tri-mester when I was pregnant with Ruby. Seems like a lifetime ago. I do recall more lounging or at least working from couch on laptop. Definitely a lifetime ago.

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