pump pump pump it up

I am really looking forward to this baby. One of the parts of having a newborn that I am looking forward to the most is nursing. I would really like to do it all of the way this time around. Give it my best!

I may need some help, I realize this. So I am ready to go with some products from Medela. A well known and trusted brand when it comes to nursing!

Since I can't try the Freestyle Pump until the baby actually comes and I start to produce milk, all I can say for now is this hands-free pump looks like it will be efficient and very helpful in my endeavors!

Also looking forward to wearing their Bamboo Nursing Camisole! I have it packed and ready to go as part of my coming home outfit from the hospital.

{Medela provided MPWP with these items so that I could give you the scoop!}

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  1. I wish I had found you before now. (my son was born 3/25/10... 27 weeks) I use Medela and LOVE them! Their customer service is TOP NOTCH! But there is this really awesome strap on band thing that is like a bra, but it holds your cones so you truly can go hands free!!! Check it out - http://www.pumpease.com/