double time

It is no secret that I was not enjoying the pumping aspect of being a breastfeeding mother. I find it time consuming, chilly, and bovine-like.

Enter my new double hands free (super soft) pumping bustier from SimpleWishes! They sent me one to try and I enjoy it very much! I no longer find pumping to be tedious and love how I can hook up and get work done while pumping out a bottle or two for Iver in case I need to leave him and go to a work event. Or just in case (GASP!) Daddy can take a turn feeding him while I take a breather!

You simply place each breast shield flange inside the secure openings in the front of the bra. This is after you have adjusted the bra using their ingenious
"perfect fit" Velcro back panel. I wish all bras had this! I pull my shirt down over it all once I am hooked up and pumping and go about my business! Unfortunately for the neighborhood my "business" is done from my office with huge front windows. One of these days I am bound to get an odd look from the mail carrier. But who cares! I am a multi-tasking mama!

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Use code: lovesprada at checkout for 20% off!

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