mama's night out

Over at my Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine Blog you can read all about my recent night in 3 and 1/2 inch heels. At 20 weeks pregnant I don't highly recommend it, but I do just LOVE these shoes. Royal purple "grape" satin. Delish.

The wedding was lovely, however my Deluxe Satin dress by Ripe Maternity was an unfortunate fit. I am annoyed that to some designers (and expensive ones at that) "maternity" means "big all over". Please somebody give me a wad of cash or a job at a maternity clothing company so I can design lovely maternity evening wear that we really want. We want support (especially up top), we want elegance, and we don't want a stupid tie in the back. We don't live on the prairie, we are just with child. thankyouverymuch.

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  1. LOVE the shoes! I too struggled with overall big maternity clothes and rocked high heels well into my 3rd trimester to make up for frumpy/baggie dressy clothes. For the majority of my pregnancy, most of my tops (and swimsuit) were just extra large sizes of "normal" clothes. I just found out one of my close friends is getting married next July and my first thought was oh no, not maternity formal wear (I'm hoping to be pregnant again by then. So sad that my first thought was about clothes and not the beautiful bride...