ok so mama bought some jeans

Yesterday between inconvenient life happenings such as bringing the mama mobile to the body shop (after cracking it up two weeks ago) and seeing Dr. Chill, I had 45 minutes to do something for myself. I was near the only mall in the area with a brand new Destination Maternity shop and I made a beeline. I didn't even stop to pee or eat. I had a mission. Find some jeans that were a good length, fit my thighs and booty which when pregnant grow at a rapid rate, and get out!

Destination Maternity is the family of Motherhood Maternity and A Pea in the Pod. Motherhood is known for being budget friendly and having a huge selection of casual to formal wear and A Pea in the Pod is more upscale.

As you may recall I recently wrote an article for Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine pretty much swearing off jeans. I am still loving and rocking my leggings and tunics almost daily but living in upstate NY where it has suddenly become quite chilly, jeans are still a necessary wardrobe staple. I am not sure if it is because I am having a boy this time, but the ass is getting large people, and I feel very uncomfortable squeezing into my pre-preg jeans. Nobody should have to feel uncomfortable. Not when you have great maternity clothing options.

I tried on at least 15 pairs of jeans yesterday and finally found a pair that I can truly boast about. They are by Motherhood and are fashionable as well as functional. Motherhood Maternity has a new (well since my last baby) patented secret belly band fit. It is like a big hug for your growing belly, and they cut the jeans properly so that they fit in all of the right places as well. Now with all things from Destination Maternity I do warn about drying, so hang or flat dry your jeans, tunics, etc. However if you need jeans that fit you and your budget, try these ones. The 5 Pocket Fit and Flare. Retail $54.98.

To me if you look really fast, they sort of resemble True Religion jeans in the way that the button back pockets are designed. I like this, I like detail. I especially like it because True Religion (Maternity styles available in the A Pea in the Pod section by TR) is a lovely jean. However I do not live on Chardonnay and yogurt, so I will never fit into them.

I am happy with my purchase and I strongly suggest you stop sucking in your baby belly and suffering with too tight in the thigh, butt, crotch maternity jeans and get some stylish, stretch ones too!

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  1. YES! Loved the Secret Fit jeans by Motherhood. I was going to suggest those to you but I didn't have you pegged as one who wears over the belly panels. My bad :) Those were the BEST jeans. I got them in the stretch fabric, which was a God send.