1/2 way (for me anyway)

Currently over at my Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine blog I recall how I have never carried a baby past 39 weeks. If your first was early was your second? third? fourth?

tell me!

this is my 18 week belly shot. Like my shoes? Me too.

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  1. I was 2 1/2 weeks early with my first and my water broke. I was expecting a similar experience with my second and that totally didn't happen. Although I was still a few days before my due date, my water didn't break...instead, I thought a big rig, which I easily could have consumed in my constant quest to remain full, was trying to drive out of my birth canal. The second labor happened really fast and I got an epidural just in time to start pushing. That was a heck of a lot closer to natural child birth then I ever wanted to be...So basically I think kids start messing with you before they are even out of the womb. You think you know what they are going to do and then they go and fling syrupy waffles at your freshly washed hair...