exciting news for those who like my writing style

I have very exciting news! I have been chosen as Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine's new pregnant blogger. So you can tune in every week starting next Thursday to see what I have going on, Straight from the Belly (title of new blog, unless editor changes it).

Being a huge fan of the magazine and having worked with them since their conception a few years ago now, I am oh so excited and honored that they think that I am a good enough writer to grace their mom-blog section of their website!

Stay tuned, I will link from here to my blog/column as soon as it is up. If you are not already a subscriber to their print magazine I strongly suggest that you do so. Whether you are pregnant or a new mom already, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine is the only magazine that covers maternity fashion, and pregnancy related issues, as well as what infants need through the first year of baby's life!

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