why oh why?

Here are my issues of the day while trying to "take it easy".

1. Blogger- you continue to raise my blood pressure when you insist on not letting me fix the GIANT DATE at the top of my posts. It shouldn't be that big. there is no reason for it. Aesthetically I know it looks crappy, but trust me I will probably stay up all night trying to fix it. (thanks to aunt kitty for fixing this when I could no longer see straight)

2. Dear, next door neighbor recluse weird older man- your $1500 (or more) Airedale dog "Chloe" was running through my yard. I love dogs so the dog in yard is not the problem, it was the dog vs. car that I didn't want to witness. So when a pregnant woman who is on modified bed rest is ringing your door bell and shouting "Recluse Old Neighbor Man please come help me with your dog" and knocking on your door- please get your almost retired ass off of your sofa and answer your door. I braved the giant dog's big bark because I know she is all bark and opened their door and let her right into the house. To which he sprang to life and sort of said "thanks". Me? Now I am cramping and trying to retain my placenta and it's accessory lobe.

3. When you are supposed to spend a lot of time in bed it is quite rude when your cat barfs on your side.

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